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  1. Summary: Would love to see the ability to color code layers with a set of premade colors. This would affect the Layers UI, not the image itself. Usage: A great way of organizing layers. I can color code all my text layers Blue, all my painted layers Red, some special effects layers green. Then when I am trying to find those layers inside a 300 layer file, it's easier to find them then by name alone. Thanks! - Neil
  2. I am working on importing a bunch of brushes from Photoshop to Affinity, and I'm finding a lot of them reacting quite differently. Most of the issue seem to be around how the texture is being applied, in photoshop, there's a bunch of different modes, and Affinity only has 3 modes. Any chance of getting these other modes added so we can get parity with the brushes? - Neil
  3. soulburn

    Texture Modes For Brushes

    Thanks VerySame! Here's an example brush BTW, notice how different it looks like in Photoshop vs affinity - Neil test2.zip
  4. So I've taken some of my photoshop brush abr files and imported them into affinity. In Affinity, I'll look at a brush that say has size jitter, and the size isn't jittering. If I go into the brush settings, I'll see that it has a size jitter of 50%, but the dropdown beside size jitter is set to "none", when it should be set to "random". Set it to random and now the brush behaves the same way as photoshop. Looks like the abr importer isn't always properly importing the "random" value from photoshop. Can you confirm this? - Neil
  5. Rotation Jitter: >> So by this definition it sounds as though we should set the behaviour of PS's Off to Random on import. I'll get it >> reported to development. It may be a bit more complex, it should probably be set to random only if the Angle jitter is a none zero value. But thanks for passing it along. Size Jitter: That's an odd one. So looks like in photoshop, if you set it to Pen Pressure, but use the mouse, it will use "random" as default. Would it make sense to set something up similar in Affinity where stuff like Size jitter, angle jitter, etc defaults to random if you're using the mouse, even though the affinity interface will say "Pen Pressure" and will react that way if you're using a pen? - Neil
  6. Sometimes you want a mask to affect multiple layers, and the layers are in radically different parts of your layer stack, making grouping those layers impossible. It would be great if you could instance a mask between layers, so you apply the mask to layer 1, then apply the same mask to layer 2, and if you modify either mask, its instanced version is modified as well. - Neil
  7. I would probably use it less for adjustment layers, but sure, I can see the advantage of that too. - Neil
  8. Would love a Roll brush in affinity photo, which is a brush where your custom brush shape is deformed along the stroke curve. Here's a video of the Zbrush "Roll Brush"... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY2_EPG-zWY This is similar to the "Angle Jitter -> Direction", except this feature only rotates the custom brush along the stroke direction. The Roll brush actually deforms the stamp in that direction. This would let you create stuff like stitches on clothing, tentacles, texture on a tree branch, wires, all sort of things that are currently not possible. - Neil
  9. because it stretches your image WHILE you are drawing the stroke, which allows for instant feedback. Stretching an image along a path has its uses too, if you have a situation where its something more machine like, but that technique is more like a careful construction project, this tool would be far more interactive and better for organic painting. Like if I'm doing 200 tree branches, I'd hate to carefully setup 200 paths first, instead I want to paint the paths and have the bark grow along my stroke as I go so I can instantly evaluate if I'm achieving the effect I want. - Neil
  10. soulburn

    [APh/ADe] Mirror Paint Option

    Also controls for where the mirror line is on your document would be super helpful, so you could place it vertical, horizontal or at any arbitrary angle, and placed anywhere on the image. - Neil
  11. Yes, All it does is stretch the image. In the image above, it's using the stretched image to make a bump map, but it doesn't need to be used for that, it can easily just be used to make a 2d paint stroke. Think of a combination between a paint brush and the liquify tool. - Neil
  12. soulburn

    [APh/ADe] Mirrored brush

    When you say a mirrored brush, do you mean a brush that when you paint on one side of the canvas, it also paints on the other side symmetrically? - Neil
  13. Ah, sorry, my wish was for Affinity Photo. So please add the feature in there :) - Neil
  14. Summary: Would really love to see a cutout filter for affinity, just like the one in photoshop. See image below. Usage: Quite frequently I am asked to take a photographic image and blend it into a more graphic image, one that has a very limited color palette where shades of color are defined by 2d shapes. Using the cutout filter, I can take that photo and give it that more graphic look, and then paint on top of the result to get the final image way faster than painting the entire image in a 2D graphic style from scratch. Thanks. - Neil
  15. Hey there. First off, really impressed with Affinity Photo, I'm hoping to replace photoshop with it in the future. So I wrote myself a list of every feature I use in Photoshop to see if there's an equivalent in Affinity Photo, got about 90%. The remaining 10% is below, if any of these features do exist in Affinity Photo and I'm just not finding them, would love to know about it, I suspect some of them I just missed. - Export Layers As Files - Batch (Will this be "Process Batch? Currently its crashing for me on windows) - Stroke Selection With Color - Transform Selection: Flip - Replace Color Adjustment Layer - Lock Transparency On a layer - Layer Group: Color - Color Picker: Average - Color Picker: Current Layer, Current & Below, Different Layer, All Layers - Clone Brush Tool: Different Layer, All Layers - Actions - Filter: Cutout - Filter: Highpass - Filter: Offset Any help confirming this list is really appreciated! - Neil
  16. Summary: This feature would allow you to use a group to clip a layer, so the resulting transparency of a group of layers would affect the transparency of the layer being clipped. Usage: First off, I have hundreds of psd files from photoshop that use this feature, so I can't use any of these paintings inside Affinity because that feature is not supported (This feature is kind of a show stopper for me, since I can't port all of my older files over to Affinity) And second, it's so useful for a non destructive workflow, many times you want to say paint a bunch of different characters on separate layers, and then apply a soft layer of fog to all the characters. So you group all of your character layers, create a new layer that has your fog color set to a low opacity, and then clip this fog layer to your group. In the current affinity workflow, you'd have to flatten all of those characters to a single layer, which means making edits to your characters later on become a lot harder. Thanks! - Neil
  17. Summary: Would love to see the "Export Layers As Files" function, where it takes your current document and exports each layer as a separate file to a chosen directory. Usage: Frequently I'll do screencaptures and paste the results into a document. I'll then crop the document to the size of the screencaptured window, but now I have 100 layers of screen captures that I actually want as separate files. This feature would automate that process. Thanks! - Neil
  18. Thanks carl, it would be faster though if you could mirror on the same layer without having to create a new layer. I can see a lot of making a new layer, flipping, and then merging layers again in my future. Will put the request on the official wishlist. - Neil
  19. Oh wait. So I think I see what's going on here. I am not looking to flip the selection shape. I am looking to flip whatever pixels are inside my selection. I see now how me saying "flip just the selection" made you think I wanted the selection shape mirrored, but I actually meant the stuff inside. Any idea how to do that? - Neil
  20. MEB Said: >> The Windows version however doesn't have it in the toolbar by default (i will log this). Go to menu View ▸ Customise Tools... Got it! So the average seems to work fine, but Current layer appears to be broken. So if I 1) paint a layer with green 2) paint a layer with blue 3) set the blue layer to 50% opacity 4) Make sure the blue layer is current 5) set the eye dropper to Source: Current Layer 6) It will pick a color that's greenish blue, not blue like I would suspect Can you confirm? - Neil
  21. SrPx said: >> You have your selection made, then menu select-->edit as layer, then Arrange->flip, then hit again menu select->edit as layer to abandone the mode So I tried that and it doesn't work. Here's my steps 1) Open an image 2) select an area using Rectangular marque tool 3) Go Select -> Edit selection as layer, area outside the rectangle goes red 4) Arrange -> Flip Horizontal 5) Nothing happens Does this work for you. Maybe it's a bug on the windows version? > A lot of the brain resistance is often to do things different to how it is used to do them, but that's how the brain stops getting rusted! I actually learn new software all the time, to me its all about mouse clicks/button presses, I have no problem learning a new way of doing things, but if I have to press more things to get something I do all the time, that's a problem. :) - Neil
  22. So there doesn't appear to be a color picker tool. Could that be only available in the mac version right now? Thanks for the highpass. - Neil
  23. Thanks for the very detailed answers, I appreciate it. That fills in a few holes... >> Stroke Selection With Color ---> select/outline, shift f5 and so fill it wiht the color of choice Good work around. I do hope they add the ability to do this in a single function at some point, like maybe add the fill inside the outline tool. >> BTW, better if you could report when it happened and how(the crash). It sent a crash report to them, so hopefully they'll get what they need. It didn't crash on my home computer, so I was able to get a look at the interface and it does indeed do what I need. >> Actions (Jumping way below as is related). This are Macros in AP Cool, missed that floating window. >> arrange -flip horizontal Ah ok, well looks like it can flip a layer using that technique, so even if it doesn't work on a selection, at least it works on the layer. Hopefully they'll add the ability to flip just the selection without converting it at some point. >> Filter: Offset--> filter, distort, Affine, I believe. Awesome. Thanks again, you helped me fill some holes. We'll see if anyone has any extra feedback, then I'll take the remaining features and add them to the wishlist section. After achieving parity, I'll focus my wishes on stuff photoshop doesn't have. It's cool being excited about the future of an app again :) - Neil
  24. Ie: Rental Only It's not just about the money. If I stop paying adobe, my copy of photoshop stops functioning. I can't edit my files anymore. If they decide for some ungodly reason to discontinue photoshop, I can't ever open my files again. If they decide to raise the price and I can't pay, I can never open my old files again. It's about control, rental only means they have complete control over my data. If they had a system where if I had to stop paying, I could keep the last copy of photoshop I had, that would be fine. Please affinity, never go rental only. It'll go a long way to switch people over! - Neil