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  1. Why I am in the affinity designer to view or scroll to select the font will be particularly slow. Prior to this, my computer installed 7000 + fonts, has removed the 1000 +, but the situation still did not improve, why not do a search font function? Just type the name of the font in the font display. In addition, the Chinese font can not display the Chinese name, only show the English name, this point when you can improve it? Translated from Google.
  2. (亚洲地区希望得到支持)AD入面嘅【像素角色】以及AP入面都唔可以通过数位板以及触控笔正常使用画笔工具,冇出现随著压力大小变化而变化嘅笔触,beta版系咁,正式版都系咁?可唔可以俾个解决方法我呢? 望尽快修复,唔该嗮 :)
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