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    Looking for a good business card template, but I paid for this one, be nice if it worked.
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    Its pretty screwy, I'm not sure I can even tell the file format. It was found on the app store. Maybe you'd take a gander if you have the time. "Templates for Affinity Photo". I can't currently open any of them. Thanks for responding.
  3. I recently purchased the fairly expensive app for the creation of resume's and business cards, but its not clear on how to import or add them to Affinity photo in order to use. Any thoughts or helpful suggestions?
  4. Is there such a guide to download. In the store maybe? As a beginner I find my self going screen blind after spending so much time going between the online help menu and my project. It would be nice to have a hard copy and maybe there is one and I'm just missing it. To be able to read through certain sections away from the computer would be beneficial in my case. Obviously I know I could load and shoot the sections in the help menu, just thought I'd inquire. Thanks anyone,,,
  5. So I already own Affinity, just downloaded the Beta Version, was working fine, now its telling me I need a purchase of Affinity, which I have. I don't have an Affinity Store account, purchased it off the app store, is that the issue? I have already downloaded the newest version.