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  1. Hi! I'm Jan Ruzic, from Croatia (where you can only get a subscription for most software only through resellers, like anyone would be subscribed if they had infinite moneyz). I mostly do 3d graphics, you can check out my artstation if you like. cheers!
  2. I can confirm it's working in Photo beta for win, but NOT in 32bit mode - only in 16bit RGB. The dynamic range seems ok, though... I've reinstalled arionfx using affinity's plugin folder as a target for the CS5 plugin. Wasn't able to get it working by specifying newer PS version plugin folders.
  3. Thanks, but spam folder is the first place I've checked, it wasn't and still isn't there. Can't say what went wrong.. Should I pm someone for the link?
  4. I hadn't received any kind of confirmation email from Serif (although my account and license is working fine), how can I claim my free UI kit?! I have a need for something just like that atm, so... pretty please guys? :) Hope it's not location related or something like that. Jan
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