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  1. I just registered to comment on this thread. You guys are part of the very frustrating circular problem with Linux software: Companies don't port for Linux because it is a small platform, but it is a small platform because companies don't port for Linux. It's an endless cycle that will never right itself without someone stepping in. Games and Adobe software are the #1 reason why people are unable to switch to Linux. Games are getting much better lately, but Adobe will never budge. We need someone like you to step in and make linux a viable platform for design work. I totally understand it though. It's expensive and time consuming to develop software (I'm a developer myself). I just get frustrated with this to no end. Maybe you all should launch a kickstarter for a Linux port. If the kickstarter fails, it fails. Nothing of value was lost. If it succeeds, you gain a new segment in the market and we get good design software to buy for the first time in history. Please consider it.
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