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  1. Fahad Javed. Thanks for your quick answer. I tried everything but still no luck. I can see the welcome screen with everything on it but when I click the claim now green button, nothing happens. I don't get the link what you said. In fact, when I click in User Forums or View Tutorials it shows me an error.
  2. Hi all! Same problem that everybody has with the free content. I try everything and no luck at all! I disable anti-virus, firewall, etc, and nothing happens. I looked in my affinity store account and I only have my download links for designer and photo. BTW, I'm using windows version.
  3. Carlosgraphic

    Affinity Designer for Windows has launched!

    Hello, I'm new here. I enjoyed the beta and I already bought the program. I'm still learning new things with it. I don't know if the questions have to be post here or in the beta section, but there is no beta anymore, right?. Well my question is following: Is there a way to read CDR files like do with illustrator file in this program? Of course, the illustrator file has to be save with PDF compatible file previously. I work with illustrator and corel, mostly Illustrator. I can open almost all my illustrator files but I can not open Corel files. It will be good is there a form to read or import design from corel files. I say this because many people use illustrator and many use corel but if I can use one only program (affinity designer) to see or manipulate their file without use Corel or illustrator it will be amazing. Thanks.

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