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  1. This issue was posted on September 6, 2019 regarding version 1.7.2 Today is January 4, 2021 and version 1.8.6 is running on my MacPro without any problems so far. So, the issue has become a non-issue; if it appears again (which I think is most unlikely) I'll let you guys and gals know. Happy and healthy 2021!
  2. @ Dan C: There was indeed a placed image in the design; I followed your hint, but the result is the same; out goes the light! Different is that when I reopen Designer, it gives me a blank page.
  3. Updated Afinity Designer to 1.7.2 and now the app quits the moment I hit the "print" button. When I reopen the app the graphics and the pages I worked on appear again. The workaround on this moment is to export the page(s) as pdf, and then print them with Acrobat, which is not exactly a timesaving reroute. Anyone any idea how to solve this? MacPro 1,1 running OSX El Capitan, printer Epson Stylus SX210
  4. With 30+ years of Freehand material in the archives it would come in very handy to be able to open and (re)work them in AD. Some more recent FH drawings are still in use in a number of signalisation projects and I'm not that fond of using AI. Looking around in FH-foums, I see that there are a lot of users still working with it and looking for alternatives other than AI. With this feature incorporated in Affinity Design, it could attract a lot of new users.
  5. Any chance that in future versions it will be possible to open Freehand files? I always have and had my graphics drawn in Freehand (version MX on Mac OSX 10.6 and over 30 years of work) and it is almost impossible to convert all this work. So if I can import a freehand drawing, work on it and save it as an Affinity-file, that would be wonderfull!
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