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  1. Are there compatible versions of designer and photo available for trial download, bit difficult to test-drive properly without.
  2. Its a long time since Adobe announced NO future updates to Adobe Fireworks and to date there still isn't one single app that integrates bitmap editing, a solid vector tool set, web/UI design tools and prototyping. You integrate Designer and Photo into one, add a few new features and enhancements and I could only see the Affinity software popularity going thorough the roof.
  3. I can't see any easy way to add texture? I can see bitmap fill but that's not the same as applying texture to a gradient or solid fill ??
  4. Doesn't necessarily indicate seamless integration to me - I'll keep my fingers crossed, sticking with Fireworks for now even though Adobe stopped developing it quite a few years ago it still the only app for Windows that offers bitmap/vector and good web/ui features all in one!
  5. If you could just integrate these two programs into one seamless app then you would have a perfect replacement for Adobe Fireworks. I'm not a fan of switching from one to the other
  6. Can you seamlessly switch open current cavnas/work between the Designer & Photo apps?
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