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  1. I think all the Red Giant plugins are for video editing; Premier After Effects etc .... As far as I'm aware they have ceased developing plugins for Photoshop and I don't think you can even purchase Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop any more at least not as single product on its own (it may be bundled with the suite).
  2. That just makes NO sense and is VERY dissapointing ... We have registered versions of Photo and Designer, we bought Publisher for the so-called seamless integration and yet it is a half-baked integration with missing features .... Hard to comrehend what the actual reason for this is?
  3. Duplicating a layer is a workaround its not the same thing - I want to know if Affinity have plans to implemen properly ......
  4. I'm on Windows 10 and on the latest Beta of Affinity Photo I'm pleased to say these Photoshop Plugins that had issues, crashed Photo or just didn't work at all seem to be working now: Alien Skin Eye Candy 7 Skylum Luminar 3 Knoll Light Factory 3.2 (albeit Red Giant stopped suporting/updating this plugin sometime ago, it's still the best lens flare plugin around to my knowledge) Are we like to see the abiility in Affinity Photo to apply third party plugins non-destructively in the future?
  5. I have the latest registered versions of Publisher, Photo and Designer installed. I have Photoshop Plugins set up and working in Photo, however when I switch to Photo Persona in Publisher, the Photoshop Plugins are not available. How do I make my Photoshop Plugins available when using Photo Persona from inside Publisher or is it a bug?
  6. Is there a ongoing up to date list of photohop plugins that work in Photo?
  7. It seems I can create a symbol and instances of it Designer then edit in Photo and I am still able to edit the symbol and update all instances of it in Affinity Photo, buts whats weird is unless I'm missing soemthing there is NO symbols panel in Affinity Photo? Its very confusing, just put the symbols panel in Photo
  8. There's a window of opportunity here for Affinity .... Adobe customers are not happy .....
  9. The thing is the warp tools in Photoshop are frequently used and something that is required in both Photo and Designer - its quite common to want to use warp > arc in Photoshop on bitmaps, for example for adding labels to jars, bottles, cans and so on ... often used when creating promotional graphics. I wonder if Affinity are spreading their resources a bit too thinly with the iPad versions, the new Publisher and the 'HOPEFULLY' seamless integration with Publisher, Designer & Photo when it arrives. Meaning some fundemntal features are too slow to arrive. If you leave-out funde
  10. Don't get too excited, 2014 the first post here .... If they haven't managed to add it now I doubt its coming any time soon ...
  11. We purchased Photo and Designer to have a look at them ...... I'll come back in a year and see where Affinity are then.... in the meantime I'll continue using Adobe Fireworks & occassionally Photoshop ... Hopefully a few of the glaring ommissions in Photo and Designer will be there by then like presets for text ant-aliasing, mesh warp,, arc, arch, etc ... at the moment the tools & a bit frustrating to use with such omissions, it seems hard to get a definititve answer from Affinity too, I don't see any direct support.... only forums? You'll end up like Adobe with a total disconnect from
  12. Yes I know its frustrating - hopefully the integration between Publisher, Photo and Designer will be seamless in the future - the Betas seem to suggest. I don't mind paying for all three at the affordable prices. The only trick I worked out in Designer was convert a square to curves select two diagonally oppossite points holding shift then you can do some simple perspective tricks .... buiy limited I know
  13. 1) I select an image 2) select the shear tool 3) hold down shift and pull down from thc centre It seems impossible to create a perfect arcl like you can in Photoshop with the warp > arch tool
  14. Thanks, but I honestly wouldn't have a clue what to do that with Equations filter
  15. I'm looking for this too ... the 'shear' tool does some similiar effects but it is very dofficult to be precise with it as far as I can see to do a perfect arch effect
  16. How do you create a perfect arch vertically or horizontally with the shear tool, like the warp > arch tool in Photoshop ? Its very easy to go off centre and not get the perfect arch when using it and I couldn't find an option like holding shift key? Thanks
  17. Just off track slightly, but on the subject of Phoptoshop Plugins - Jixipix plugins seems to work in Photo and Star Filter Pro which is a nice llittle plugin also works (tested on Windows 10) .... Might be useful to somebody ..... I hope the Affinity people get wider support for more plugins in the future
  18. Think an estinate is not a lot to ask for ... otherwise Affinity start sounding like Adobe
  19. When I tested the 64 bit version of Knoll Light Factory 3.2 in Affinity it actually worked on one occassion! Mostly though the plugin is launched and when you try to apply/save the effect Affinity Photo then crashes. As I understand it Red Giant are no longer developing the Light Factory plugin for Photoshop, their concentration is on video. So, in a weird way it would could make sense for Affinity to get Knoll Light Factory working inside Photo, because (a) Photo doesn't have a native lens flare effect and (b) At least they won't have to worry about updates to Knoll Light Factory breaking the
  20. Not even even terms of months? Are we looking at 3 months or more like a year ?
  21. Interesting because I've had the opposite experience with the MediaChance Bridge ... May I ask which 32 bit PS Plugins you tried to use with it?
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