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  1. Hello Affinity Users. My situation is as follows. I have found a style I would like to draw, but to do that I have to have a certain brush. I am really bad at brush creation, so I would like to know if there are any Affinity users that would be willing to share their expertise In the screenshot below, you can see top-right the style I want to draw, bottom right how the current brush is, and to the left the settings. Thanks for your time, have a nice day!
  2. Hello Affinity Users. I am using affinity, but is there any way to change the move tool, so instead of moving the object i clicked on, the move tool would move the layer instead. And would there by any chance be a way to add that to a keybind? (possibly see this: https://www.ctrlpaint.com/digital-painting-101/layers at about 3:10) Thanks for your time, have a nice day!
  3. With the new release of AF macro in AF photo, I think it would be really cool to have an ability to convert Photoshop actions to affinity ones. I don't know how you would do this, and I don't know if its even possible, but hey, its just a request :D
  4. Hey, thanks for sharing. This seems awesome, but I can't open the word document (windows). It says "We're sorry, but we can't open License and Credits_WORD, because there are problems with the content". Could someone tell me what is says? :D
  5. Now, I seem to remember someone posting about this, so maybe its already here. But I was just using the shape tool, and I noticed that there isn't a custom shape option? I think this needs to be here! Thanks for your time!
  6. I just sat and worked on a photo in the Affinity Photo Beta for Windows. While trying to use a plugin from google nik collection (Viveza) "photo" crashed. And there goes my work. So i would like to have a recovery feature for files.
  7. I know it's an option for HDR, but i would really like to have this option for the png file extension.
  8. What should i use in the rendering options? I would like to know what the differences are.
  9. Hey Affinity. Now i know this may be a really dumb question, but i don't have that much money. I'm a student, and your software seems very nice! I have tried the windows beta for a little while now, and it works perfectly. Would it be possible with a discount to celebrate the launch on windows? I know, i know, dumb question, but hey, that's the reason there's a question corner.
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