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  1. Hi there, i come from Corel Draw and there is a feature i miss in Designer .... CD uses levels and each level can be set "viewable-hidden", "edit - locked", "print - non print". I like this feature very much in complex ducuments with dozens of levels, like "helplines" "different versions". - Espicially the "non-print" - "viewable" combination ist sometimes very helpful! Do you think, it will be possible to add the print steering feature to Affinties Designer? Or is it almost there and I (Fool, šŸ˜ž) did not notice ist? Best wishes - Kai
  2. Hi Ash and all at Affinity (serif) I read your email to me this morning regarding the discounts and the 50% discounts - WOW. A genuine, fantastic offer of help over! You set a mark - i hope you have followers. I really don't need Publisher, I've got already Designer and Photo. First one i use often , it is my new CorelDraw, thanks! Photo i dicided to bay, mostly to support your project. Now i bought publisher to show your idea of helping the creatives around the is great! .. and: Let's make Serif graet! Best wishes to all "Affinities" from Germany! Kai
  3. as almost mentioned in another place ... i wish to import my old *.cdr files ... and i would like to replace CorelDraw with Affinity! But I need the import function! So here is on mor markind on the wish-hit-list! May be as a X.mas present????? :D :rolleyes:
  4. I had the same problem, wanting to import / export files to CorelDraw. Britepencil answered me: Export as vector: EPS, CorelDraw 1. conical gradient change to solid color very odd, but can be edited back 2. linear gradient remained in tact and editable 3. text auto converted to outline and each letter was separated, odd again CS6: 1. conical gradient change to solid color very odd, but expected since ai does not have this ability, but could be edited 2. linear gradient changed to bitmap: not good 3. text auto converted to outline and each letter was separated, odd again see other
  5. Before critsism ... i did now few smaller projects with AffinityDesigner - and i am still happy - thanks! I work more on ā€žscientific/technicalā€œ things, rather than painting projects. So, may be, i have a little different point of view. Most of the things i missed in the beginning i almost found. What is left? -shift duplicates please if i produce some dublicates, i don't see, that ther is on ore 2 ...ore12 - if the dublicates would be placed close beneath teh origin, it is easier to handle ... - no 4-key shortcuts, (I almost realized, it is easy to change.) just a suggestion fr
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