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  1. I don't think that's a bug. The file format is updated and it's not size but performance optimized. Thou a size optimized file format could be useful when archiving work.
  2. Hi, please make it possible to have more than 200% spacing values. For stuff like particle brushes I'd love to have 1000% or even more on large photos.
  3. Finally got this to happen on win7, fun fact, it was a rather early/basic clone, no efx layers and stuff. Maybe that's the key here?
  4. Hi, Unfortunately I can't give you precise scenario, but sometimes you'll see high pass/low pass instead of before/after.
  5. Still present in .414. When exporting an image with many pixel layers I can get halos where one layer covers the other. Notice all the white halos, these are the spots I 'fixed' with one of the healing tools. (Exported image, 400% zoom)
  6. 1. Create an image 2. Add Live Lens Distortion, set to something like +11% 3. Add Live Clarity, set to something like +6 4. Group these two Filters 5. Notice errors, these propagate to export too
  7. That seems very counter iniuitive for me, when doing some scaling up and down, I need to manually reset the values at some point.
  8. The sad part here is that it was not fixed for 1.7 release and it felt that 1.7 was rushed for Mac conference (whatever it's called).
  9. Hi, what is that state of unresolved issues in 1.7 RC2 (or earlier), will they be worked on in 1.7.x branch or will they be forgotten?
  10. Ye, it seems they were rushing a bit for that Mac Conference.
  11. 1. Have two images open 2. Select a layer in one of them, and go filters > apply image 3. Don't close the Apply image Window and switch tabs (ie. I was trying to apply layer from another image open, by somehow dragging it to the other image, but just switching images should do) 4. Go back to the first image, Affinity is locked and does not respond to any commands.
  12. I do agree, there could be some visual cue to show that particular custom setting is being used (ie. is in non-default setting of 0/0/0).
  13. Come to think of it, it would probably require a toggle to resize and move/don't move rulers (depending on ones needs).
  14. Thanks for the suggestions; still, these are workarounds for the core problem. As you can probably see, I use these as a color reference for other pictures, one window is much easier to manage than multiples (just move one window to the other screen etc.)
  15. I actually added some small values like 20px to both sizes (I used ruler guides to dived the image in two halves, put two images side by side and then expand the canvas (from the center), images stayed in place, rulers moved). Also, thanks for showing me Guides Manager, this is so good for what I need to do right now.
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