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  1. 1. Add a lighting layer 2. Select spot point type 3. Try moving distance with mouse wheel, you ca see it goes 1-2-3-2-1 4. Go to 1% 5. Try holding ctrl key while moving the mouse wheel (recently found out this is decimal modifier). You can see the size changes, but the value stays at 1. Also, tint slider doe not work in this setup for light colour.
  2. Hi, Last export I have has vastly different colors than what I'm having right now with new version (beta). I think it's the legacy Legacy White Balance / Legacy Vibrance failing. I can send you the file for testing.
  3. Not sure whats going on, but you have different zoom levels, seems to me you cropped somthing somwhere. Also, check Edit -> Prefrences -> Performance if you have same settings for view quality.
  4. 1. Create two pixel layers with masks in them 2. Group them both 3. Add HSL layer inside the group (above the pixle layers) 4. Move it into one of the pixel layers 5. Undo last action 6. Notice that HSL layer is now move into the group object, not a 'free' layer inside group. There's a chance this can be simplified. test.mp4
  5. Hi, oldie but goodie, forgot about this earlier. 1. Have two layers each with something on it, but only one is visible. 2. Enter quickmask mode (q) 3. 'Select' something using standard brush tool. 4. Enable the disabled layer 5. Notice, that the screen will not update unless you zoom in-out. 6. If you don't do antyhing, and exit quickmask you can see screen refreshes on chunks where the brush hoovers over only.
  6. Just checked, that drop-down needs to have focus and then I don't need to hold ctrl key. Contrast that with brush list (just below it), that does not need focus, but needs hover to react to scrolling with mouse.
  7. Not sure either, but that's what I would expect from a drop-down list. Thanks, it's a bit better, but it still requires me to over my mouse over the drop-down. Also, you can see that the drop-down has focus, it's just not reacting to keyboard input.
  8. Hi, In brushes studio you can't browse the list of brush categories with up/down arrows.
  9. You welcome, now you have a test file for regression testing :P
  10. Hi, just a minor nuisance. When You open a file from an earlier version, you get to choose: Cancel / Continue / Make Copy. While cancel is ofc ok, the other two seem to be confused. If I select "Continue" ('using this file', per the text above it), I get a 'new' file, w/o any name and so on. If I select "Make Copy" I get the original file, with it's name and saving (ctrl+s) overwrites the old file, by default. I think the behavior is confusing, if I 'make a copy' I'd rather have a new file, if I 'continue' I accept the risks and use the original file. Just my 3 pence.
  11. Ok, I can send you this file for investigation if you're interested. Thou, I've seen this issue in a number of files, but this one for sure, so it may be a good start, if you're interesetd.
  12. I was not checking in one layer document. It's not selecting anything. But I found even more behavior suggesting it's an error.You can see I cna chage the sliders etc, but not enable the checkmarks. test (02).mp4
  13. Check out this video. You can see no layer is selected, yet I can change the sliders. test.mp4
  14. Ye, the history is empty, but if you change anything in the window it will show up in history, but no layer is affected.
  15. 1. Open a layer "Layer Effects" window 2. Close the image, notice the window stays open but disabled. 3. Open an image, the window is enabled, leaves changes in history, but on no layer (since non is selected).
  16. Glad to hear you could find it, hope this file helps.
  17. Currently I'm running only latest beta, since I don't want to spend too much time synchronizing my macros and stuff. The file is uploading, should be by morning. You can play around with it, but it seems mostly related to groups (add/remove/expand/move in-out).
  18. Update: Sometimes, opening or closing groups can also give the same results.
  19. Hi, I have a file that has an issue, that I cannot reproduce by itself, so it's somthing in the comaibnation of layers probably. In that file: 1. Create a new later above an active one 2. Select both, and group them. 3. AP gets constant lag (~1-2s) and r-click opens the context menu in the upper left corner of of the window. I can send you the file for private investigation.
  20. Hi, there were some improvements to that, but still there are some issues. 1. Go to Export persona, export to specific directory 2. Create a new stack. Files need to be from a different directory. 3. Go to export persona for the first file and try exporting using export persona. You will export to the directory from which stack was opened.
  21. Thanks, that might be a solution, if I keep my files locally, may be of an issue when moving them to NAS. Also, might want to have a better separation fo stareges, since the 'work' drive cannot be a compressed one. But, generally, this is something to think about.
  22. Guys, I know it's summer and I'm trying not to be angry, but how come some bugs that break basic functionality are not fixed since winter? 1. Artifacts appearing once live filters are placed in group? This is ridiculous. 2. Layers showing halos when exporting. You need to flatten the image before exporting, which defeats the reason for having layers. Both of these were reported by me and others since winter and they are still not fixed. I really don't care about new Mac super duper high resolution support, I want to have good working conditions. I was quiet, only reminding that it's not fixed in *any* latest beta, but it's past 1.7 and it's still there. Sorry, I had to vent. But this is irritating.
  23. Hi, since I'm creating a lot of works (~100 this year and counting), and each occupies a lot of space (~0.5-1GB each) it would be nice to have some way of size optimized file format (with lossless compression, and all that stuff). Preferably with some tool to convert all the files into the more compact format, w/o need to open/save/close each of theme sparely. Like point to directories/drives and recursively convert all files.
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