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  1. As with most of my projects I'd rather have them sent to You directly.
  2. Hi, I have a file where I have a layer with mask on it, and that layer is just right to the edge. The mask is also up to the edge of the image. In AP it looks ok, but when exporting I get a nasty halo on the edge. 1. In AP 2. Exported image 3. Same image exported, but w/o the offending layer
  3. Sure, uploading right now. Let me know once you know what happend.
  4. Now it's opening, and when closing it, AP hangs up.
  5. As seen in attached message, escape chars are not properly parsed. Also, can I send you the file for verification how a properly saved file got corrupted?
  6. I never though you'd break that intentionally (unless you really need something from Win10 to continue development). It's just that it's not officially supported so you may feel like it's not really needed.
  7. Can confirm, Win7 fails to install. As much as it's not supported, it would be a real bummer that installer problems are the cause for keeping older versions untill I can safely upgrade (which I can't really do now until I upgrade my HW, which needs to wait due to reasons known).
  8. Functionally they were the same, it's just build number bump to mark different between the two.
  9. It was, I think always, that last beta before release was equal to release.
  10. That is quite unfortunate, the usual way this happened (beta becoming release) was what pushed me into helping you find bugs, knowing I don't have to switch back and forth from release to beta and keeping track of all my settings in both. I will have to reconsider this and maybe stop if you do such changes and while at it, unannounced.
  11. Would it be possible to create a 'beta' release of this too? I dropped using regular releases a long time ago since it was bothersome to keep my macros and stuff aligned AND this was standard practice to release a beta and then 'shift it' to release state so that latest beta was also release version at that time.
  12. I think I have another bug in export persona, but I can't verify until this one gets fixed.
  13. Ye, I did notice the announcement post, that's why I was thinking why was not auto-updater (notification) working for this release.
  14. Hi, I'm running .555 beta (lates pre-1.8 ?), and I'm yet to get a information about new beta release. I want to install .595, but I can wait until tomorrow if you need any debugging information.
  15. Hi, it may be so that accidentally I overwrote some settings. I can send you the file but I'm not sure if it's b/c the filters fail or I changes something by accident.
  16. Hi, 1. Get two pixel layers with some content. 2. Select both and go to Liquefy Persona. 3. Try some changes. 4. Hit ctrl+s, save is performed. 5. Preview is reverted to base image, history stops working.
  17. I double checked and with point source it bugs out like described.
  18. Sorry, just realized I made an error in the description. You need "point" not "spot".
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