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  1. If you use before/after split view in Liquify persona it will show "high pass/low pass".
  2. It's much slower than export, which by definition needs to do the same operation. (I know it's a simplification, but it should not take ~3x time of export, esp that I usually export with more layers enabled).
  3. This seems to affect many operations, like Gaussian Blur for example. Also, general notice it's harder to get redraw issues as transparent image (still happening thou), but I managed to get at least one situation when redrawing stopped working at all.
  4. 1. Create a layer 2. Try running Frequency Separation 3. Notice you need to change some settings to see a preview of high/low freq. It's not showing up by default.
  5. Work around: move your high pass layer outside of groups.
  6. Seems to be fixed in latest beta. BUT, you can update the history to show which command was used, right now it's always "rasterize".
  7. Actually, for me it makes more sense at is now. Rasterize should save whole layer info, rasterize&trim should leave only visible portion of the layer. The only issue I have that rasterized layer should stay put in place.
  8. Hi, when rasterizing a layer I need to Rasterize and Trim, otherwise the rasterized layer is moved (this messes the layers above it for example). 1. Here you can see two layers, each of these is insiaa a rectangle object. 2. After rasterizing the left layer, you can see it's moved. 3. And this is how it looks after rasterize and trim operation. 4. The highlighted layer is the one I rasterize
  9. Hi, since yesterday it seems that AP is stuck in a state where it will always think my last proper closing of application was a crash and shows me a recovery version of my file (that I closed before closing AP even). I think it's due to some earlier crash leaving something 'tidy'. Should I reset (was it right shift when running?) or do you want to check for any leftovers first?
  10. @chris B: I'm having similar issue with another image when using live High Pass layer. (seen on the latter snippet).
  11. Hi, more of a usability fix, but when opening something like LUTs I change the directory that I export to, too. These should be separate, as I keep these in vastly different locations.
  12. Hi, (live) denoise filter is not properly described in help. Specifically it's not the same UI, but help points to this description.
  13. Hi, I'm not doing much today, and yet AP has closed many times on me, seemingly at random, with no crash dialog or such. One scenario that seems preety often is when closing one of the images, or opening many at once. (memory issue?)
  14. I checked some random tutorial on YT and there is nothing I see that needs a workaround. Can you post some examples of how you tired to do this?
  15. @Chris B: Try exporting that image, esp. with Lanczos non-separate. The issue should be visible then. Also scale down (in my example, it's 2048px on longer edge) and into png file. Edit: attached file has my export preset in it (in export persona), as I cannot send you the preset itself (no export/save option). exports.afphoto
  16. Here is a screencap of the issues I found. Hope this helps.Note, that there was only one preset named "test" created. test.mp4
  17. Confirmed, it happens on exported files too. File uploaded to the link in other topic.
  18. Hi, sorry, I was at work and missed that link. I tested w/o High Pass and you can still see the halo on that layer in export. I vaguely remember that similar issue was visible in another image I had a long time ago. File uploaded, it for this here, and this linked bug report:
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