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  1. I'd be really interested in what you think about the 610 Pro in particular if its OK to use with Affinity photo for Windows p!ease?. Thanks Steve
  2. Hi guys Not sure if questions regarding the new released version of AP goes here?. I`m thinking of getting a good graphics tablet which I can hopefully use with Affinity photo (Windows version) and maybe not too difficult for the grandkids (and grandad ;) ) to use too. Any compatibilty issues/recommendations with AP with any of the graphics tablets please?. I`m running Windows 10 64bit. The Intuos range seem pretty good!. thanks Steve
  3. Hi guys Would find really useful a means within Affinity photo (Windows version) to select from a range of visible raw files if poss please!. I know they are available within file explorer but trying a similar method within Photodirector I found it much easier to use and their tool also allows the images to be listed by `date taken`. thanks Steve
  4. Hi guys Only just registered but been following on the forum for some time. I`d really like to go down the Mac road but my other hobby is astronomy in particular taking and processing astronomical spectra and there just isn`t the Mac software available yet so I`m kinda stuck with Windows for now which leads me to the point of my post. `Affinity photo for Windows` yes I know its been asked many times but since getting my Nikon Dslr I`ve been itching to try Affinity so do we have any idea of a release date yet please guys??? regards Steve
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