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  1. 11 minutes ago, firstdefence said:

    By the look and from information in the help files, they talk about arrowheads as "styles" not curve add-ons to the stroke. The arrowhead itself looks vector when zoomed in. You cannot create the barbed arrowhead shape with the pressure settings and even if you create a flat based arrowhead and expand the stroke the results are not what you would expect.

    I think you know whats coming...
    The workaround would be to trace over the shape and create the arrow, then save it as an asset.

    thank you very much for your help!

  2. Why, when exporting an Affinity Publisher document to PDF, a specific page is completely rasterized (texts, vector graphics, etc.), and the other pages keep texts as texts and vector graphics as such? I need the texts to be kept as texts and the vector graphics as vector graphics, because if I export to a small PDF, if the text is rasterized in low resolution, it is almost unreadable and it looks ugly.

    Anyone ever happened something similar?758736564_Anotacin2020-07-17121033.thumb.jpg.9b0a53a5412575d4be6a8e7fbd636196.jpg

  3. Yes, indeed it was there. I had to lengthen the panel to the left to make it appear.


    • Maybe it would be nice if when the panel is narrowed to the right, the "pull down list" automatically moves down the "Ajustes preestablecidos de exportación" tab,  so this option is always visible. Or the development team could change the Spanish translation to a much shorter phrase like "Preset de exportación", so that the "drop-down list" is not hidden.


    Thank you very much for guiding me.



    Anotación 2020-03-27 084113.jpg

  4. :35_thinking: Where are my export configuration presets?

    I have "Saved" some export configuration presets that I have created to export an image in different sizes, but when I want to use these settings that I have saved, I don't know where they are to choose from to apply to other images. If I know they are saved because when I create a new export configuration preset and give it the same name of the adjustment that I had previously created and saved, I get a dialog box with a message telling me that there is already a setting with that name and if I want to replace it with the new setting.

    What will be the error? Where do I select the export configuration presets that I have created in Export Persona?

    Please tell me what am I doing wrong? I hope it is not an Affinity Photo bug.

    I'll look forward for your answer

    Thank you


    Export Persona Question.jpg

  5. I want this technology on Affinity Designer. Please. That´s could be awesome. Check this out Serif and Affinity Designer development team. Please.







    This technology that Astute Graphics is offering could greatly improve Affinty Designer. Please Serif and Affinity Designer development team, take a look at it and take it into consideration. Astute Graphics create amazing vector design tools, currently only as plugins for Adobe Illustrator. Just Analyze the Astute Graphics offer.






    No, this is temporary until a more accurate version of the vector graphic is drawn. And it is repeated every time you zoom, pan or tild through the vector graphic. And no, I have not accidentally activated the pixel preview option. Maybe it's a matter of getting used to it but what worries me is that I have not seen any other vector graphics design application that renders the vectors that way every time you zoom or pan through vector art. Not even the Serif Draw Plus X8 does it that way. I do not know what will happen, if it will be intentional or if they will improve or it is just me. It is tolerable but I would prefer that it does not look like this (pixelated while redrawing the vectors of a graph when zooming or panning).

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