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  1. A tool-in-the-middle I'm looking at is Pixelcut PaintCode 3. This latest version also supports Javascript and optimized SVG export. It's less powerful when it comes to drawing and desining then AD, but it has some very nice features and can import multiple formats. You could take a look at this video: https://youtu.be/9SE2tmgYbCU Best regards, Maik
  2. Yep, that must be Sketch... but it allows you to copy the CSS. I'm a user of Tumult Hype Pro and new to AD. It would be really nice if AD could support CSS (and/or SVG) copy. The way this works with Sketch and Hype is shown in this video: SVG export is around 0:55 or so, and CSS-copy is demonstrated from 04:15 up. Best regards, Maik

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