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  1. Thanks @stokerg! Good to know, it definitely think it would be great to open a file and just start working again without having to set that. Thanks @Pšenda, you can set relative paths in there but you still have to set the main export path each time.
  2. Hi there, I really like the way you can do continuous export in Affinity, just wondering though. How do I set the export path so I don't have to re-do it each time I load the file? Thanks, Pete
  3. Ahh thanks, I wasn't clicking in the white square That's great. Pete
  4. Hi there, Just wonderin, is there a way to remove an adjustment from a Layer? Can't find a way :( I know I can turn it off but is there a way to delete it? Thanks, Pete
  5. Yeah this should totally be a thing! Maybe it would be nice to be able to make exports for seperate Artboards without even making slices for them so you could move them around and resize without having to rebuild the slice? P.
  6. Hi there, The system for exporting in affinity designer is awesome, I just thought it would be handy if there was an option to set absolute paths per export rather than relative. I have master files that I have to export to heaps of different locations in a project and in this case the relative system doesn’t work. Thanks, Pete
  7. Hi there, Just wondering if there's a way to set specific paths for slices. It seems there's a way to add relative paths but I'd like to just send them to absolute paths in completely different locations. Is that possible? Thanks, Pete
  8. Hi guys, Ahh I see how that snapping works now. It seems like control and command don't have any affect so you might have a few modifiers spare there if you ever planned to add the feature. Thanks for checking that out, Pete
  9. Hi Ben, Sorry for the delay! I usually use that kind of thing just to make sure both sides of the handle are symmetrical. I feel it's strange that no one has asked for it, but maybe it is an unusual request?? Thanks, Pete
  10. Ahh damn! Well I guess it's something they'll add at some stage. Thanks for the heads up A_B_C! P.
  11. Hi there, Sorry for the super noobish question but I can't figure this simple thing out. I'm just trying to lock the handle length of a point. I've searched around and tried every mod key but I can't get it to work. Can someone point me in the right direction with that? Thanks Pete
  12. I also really miss this feature. It just feels like one of those fundamental tools I use all the time. Are there any plans to add this?
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