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  1. Aaah, I see what you mean. I had never tried it, but Ctrl+C in an image in Explorer and trying to paste into Affinity doesn't work on Windows either. Sorry it didn't help!
  2. Hey! This already exists, I believe. At least on Windows you can Ctrl+C to whatever you want to copy and then Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N to create a new document with the contents of the clipboard. Check under File, it's the 3rd option
  3. Hi guys, This has been happening to me for a while, but I only found this thread now. I can confirm the same exception occurs to me with an Intuos Pen & Touch, it can be replicated in the same way, and it affects both Photo and Designer. I just updated the driver to 6.3.21-3 and tried it with and without Windows Ink, but the problem persists. Are there any news regarding this issue? Thanks! - ​Edit Turns out that deactivating Windows Ink seems to solve the issue on both softwares after all! It didn't seem to work before because I deactivated it by default, but forgot to do the same in the application specific settings.
  4. I spend weeks without opening Photoshop, it's amazing! There are very, very few things I miss. I found most of them on the forum already, but nothing about how PS handles keyboard shortcuts, which is in my opinion better. Pressing a shortcut, say G, selects the Paint Bucket. If you want to select the Gradient, you have to go Shit+G, and now the shortcut cycles between Paint Bucket, Gradient... But G will always select the last tool used in that family. I have a feeling not everyone will agree, so please give us this as an option (use Shift to cycle tools of the same family) in Photo and Designer. ​Countless times I pressed B to make sure I had the Brush, and because of that switched tool! ​Thank you!
  5. It's crazy just how fast and fluid your software is. It never ceases to amaze me! Great job, guys!
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