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  1. I call it a bullshit that they don't know who bought v1 on App Store, absolutely ridiculous in todays times when everything is in database. Were there's a will there's a way.
  2. I said I don't mind paying but we v1 should have been treated a bit better
  3. Well then it will be funny as hell when they introduce some upgrades you want and charge you all for it again, after all it is more then likely in this collapse times, I wonder how many charges ahead will you give up defending the seller
  4. Look I see you are trying to be reasonable and I get it, it's OK product as v1 but there should be at least some incentive to make feel good for the v1 early adopters, lets call it like that. It just not seem right to pay a full price, so I won't. As I said all the v1 products LACK pretty much BASIC FUNCTIONALLITY which some of it is being sold in v2 as a separate NEW product. This is by design, they knew that Adobe had no choice but to introduce a subscription model as there is only so much you can improve upon, but this is just it, it is only a photo and vector app plus this publisher thingy, there isn't much to push into it so they intentionally kept the real updates until v2 to charge the whole amount again, I would be fine even with some tiny incentive but no full amount! so NO I can live with v1.
  5. That's most of you and that's how I feel about it so accept it as it is
  6. I'm a v1 designer and photo user for few years and what they are doing with v2 is basically outraging their customer base, we're here because adobe was bad but it seems affinity is getting shitty too, not only there weren't real useful updates in v1 and now you want us to pay the same as the new commers?... there was always a lack of basic functionality in your product which was fine at the price, but if we put in more money in for a real fundamental stuff it almost will make it not worth it as it will still be lacking a lot in comparison to competition! I'M NOT BUYING IT
  7. That's exactly the same issue, unfortunately no solution, it seems that Affinity is a bit handicapped in this matter
  8. I rendered an image in 3D software. It has an Alpha Channel that masks out the background. It is saved as a TIFF file. Background is a texture. When I open it in Affinity the background is totally transparent. When I open it in PS I can see the background and the alpha channel is just there on the list ready to use if I need to. (this is what I want) How can I open this file in Affinity and still see the background? If I untick the Document> Transparent Background, it is not showing the original background just a white color.
  9. I'll try to explain what I mean, when I move the whole object (not in the node mode) I expect it to snap by one of it's closest vertexes to another of the other object's vertex. But then as aammppa said in the node it snaps.
  10. You've nailed it myclay, this should do until affinity implements this feature into photo. Thanks so much
  11. I know what you are talking about, this is to make a separate file with gray scale alpha not what I want. I'll show you on example I found on google, look below, this is from Photoshop, in there it is possible to have normal RGB channels plus ALPHA which can contain any black and white shape and when you save that file it is not transparent you still see the background like normal plus you have the alpha to be used in other apps like Fusion or 3dsmax or whatever. In affinity when I do mask it creates composite alpha but then everything black on alpha gets transparent in the file and there is no way to use color channels as normal texture and separately alpha as cutout for other purpose.
  12. Thanks, nice tutorial it doesn't solve my problem abut still quite useful
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