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  1. I have to say, that despite my earlier comments, I agree with you.
  2. Here's a quote from Adobe's IDML cookbook: How can IDML be used outside of InDesign? IDML was designed to facilitate the inspection and construction of InDesign content outside of InDesign. The SDK provides many examples, written in both Java and ActionScript 3.0/Air, that demonstrate how IDML can be used outside of InDesign.
  3. It's nothing to do with "level of entitlement". There are certain basic expectations for any new product and at the minimum, it should be able to read existing files and not have to create them from scratch again. Maybe you're happy with a new product that can't read the interchange file format from the industry-leading product, but I'm not. It's a serious oversight to release version 1 after significant beta test, without this item. I imagine someone creating a new word processor app would have to ensure it was able to read MS Word documents, and this is no different.
  4. Can I suggest that even if there isn’t a fully functioning IDML import developed, that Serif release a beta version which would allow at least some IDML files to be imported or partially imported. I’ve just discovered now that this functionality has been discussed since 2018 so surely some progress has been made on the development and could be released as a beta.
  5. I was also very disappointed when I bought Publisher and discovered that I couldn’t import IDML files. It was a bit like you found a brilliant car, with super gadgets for an unbeatable price and then once you’ve got it, you find that it doesn’t use petrol or battery power so you just have to wait until the company is ready to provide a fuel interface. Totally Not Impressed.
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