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  1. macOS on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) here. AP and AD run just fine, just as they did with el Capitan.
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    Hey all, they call me Greg, mostly because I've been told that's my name! I'm a graphics/digital imaging dabbler. Last year, after a decade on Linux, I switched back to Mac (the sordid details on my change of allegiance here), though I've used Mac, Windows and Linux in my work and side worky jobs. I've had experience with that Other Photo Editing Software over the years, but at some point it started becoming more of a chore to learn how to use it, navigate it and fight the temptation to obtain it by less than honest methods due to their stupid subscription on the cloud pricing structure (who though that was a good idea? Greedy bean counters?). But I digress... A month or so ago, I came across Affinity purely by accident (or was it really an accident?) when I clicked the 'random' link at the top of reddit. I was intrigued. I downloaded the trial. Watched almost all of the tutorials and realized that Photo was something I could get into, not get frustrated trying to figure it out (the awesome tutorials played a big part in that, thanks!). I bought a licensed copy and haven't looked back. That's kind of a big deal, as my years using linux has ingrained the idea that there's usually a free/open source comparable tool that can do it just as well and no need to buy a program. A few days later, I checked out the Design trial and purchased it after an afternoon of discovering what it can do. There's a few 'base line' techniques or affects I try to achieve when I play with a new image editing program. I can do them with my eyes closed in GIMP, can I duplicate them in this here new fancy application? So far, Affinity is an affirmative. The Affinity team has something special here (obviously. Apple knows it, too!) Keep up the good great work