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  1. yes..this is right... sorry for my english Are you saying that you've forgotten the password you setup, and because you changed email you can't reset it? ----> YES
  2. this my trouble, Ican't init my password because this mail isn't in use,and I can't access at this account...also I can't change my password.
  3. I can't access to my account because I changed my mail...And oupd..oups
  4. good morning, I lost my serial number which I bought 3years ago for affinity photo. can you tell me how can I have this serial for the new beta version? I used an old address... which was contact@xxxxxx.ovh thanks
  5. Hello I wish to use post processing in the same time for several images as "batch processing" but I have a crash
  6. Hello same thing for the viveza photoshop plug IN If you add a control point, the affinity crashes
  7. hello in this release, you forgot to correct clockwise and anticlockwiase display in the french menu
  8. hello I created my Own shortcut with the keys " CTRL +7" I saw this shortcut on my screen but, If i want to use this shortcut " ctrl+7", it doesn't work ,I have to click on the function in the upper menu
  9. avec Viveza, si on rajoute un point de contrôle = crash !! dommage
  10. yes, the rotation is every language I think, as saidd by MEB I think
  11. that' a great idea to pick up nik collection, because I have a lot of preset in this software!!! very very great
  12. Utilisation des plug ins NIK COLLECTION #affinityphoto #nikcollection
  13. Bonjour L'utilisation des plug ins Nik collection est possible, superbe réalisation. Pour ce faire, aller : EDITION PREFERENCE MODULE PHOTOSHOP IMPORTER les modules nik collections software Cocher "autoriser les modules inconnus" REDEMARRER le logiciel
  14. re voici l'adresse pour g+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/103398183841535884112
  15. etrange ! A config presque égale ! dans gestionnaire de taches, y a rien qui bloque ?
  16. bonjour depuis le 1er double clic sur l'icône ? J'ai 12sec maxi après le 1er double clic EDIT: I need 12sec to open the software and I have the windows for creating the new document
  17. bonjour j'ai crée une communauté sur FB à propos de ce logiciel! n'hésitez pas à venir vous y inscrire https://www.facebook.com/groups/1774914859392602/ bonne visite
  18. bonsoir avec BRAVE en browser; on ne recoit pas l'email de confirmation.
  19. Hello Do you know if you think to create a french version here??
  20. I'm Trying to create a French shortcuts list ---------------- Onglet FICHIER ---------------- Nouveau document = CTRL+N Nouveau document depuis presse papiers = CTRL +MAJ +ALT+ N Nouveau Panorama = CTRL +MAJ +ALT+ P Nouvelle Pile = CTRL +MAJ +ALT+ O Ouvrir un document, une image = CTRL+ O Fermer le document courant = CTRL+ W Enregistrer le document courant = CTRL+ S Enregistrer Sous = CTRL+ Maj + S Exporter = CTRL+ALT+Maj+S Imprimer = CTRL+P ---------------- Onglet EDITION ---------------- Annuler = CTRL+Z Rétablir = CTRL+Y Couper = CTRL+X Copier = CTRL+C Coller = CTRL+
  21. hello I like your software very much I'm preparing a french list of shortcut for windows
  22. Hello in the french translation, we have twice the same translation for two differents options:
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