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  1. Hi, R C-R, I fully agree with your argumentation. I’ve started this tread but now I realize that I’m demanding beyond reality. If AD should be a replica of CorelDraw (fortunately it is not the case) to import their files with total perfection, what will be its advantage besides price considerations? If we demand an AD loaded with all CorelDraw approaches to the design features on top of their own for the importation purposes, will that be reasonable? It’s obviously not and we should allow AD to follow its own path which is being absolutely competent as far as I can see in the limited time I’ve dedicated to it so far. And I’m glad that, nevertheless, Serif/Affinity does not look to the problem with arrogance, on the contrary, they claim they are doing their best. I’m thanking them.
  2. Obviously, while we wait, the answer for those who have extensive work in cdr is to keep it where it is together with the CorelDraw program that made it, to be used for the conversion when needed. The problem is, if we wait too long, we face the risk that the software program become obsolete for our current machine. (Just kidding!) Best regards
  3. Yes, svg and also pdf and both work most of the times. Once in a while I find little errors particularly in texts with effects, though easily corrected. I’m far from having experimented the process extensively and the problem is when importing using those intermediate file formats everything needs to be carefully checked and we may have to invest a lot of time. I imagine that if the cdr file could be directly imported, most of the possible idiosyncrasies were already surpassed. My request is aiming an improvement very important for me but it does not prevent me to migrate do AD. It is a very competent program and I don’t see problems in my adaptation. Best regards
  4. Hi I Purchased AD intending to migrate from CorelDraw not because this is a bad product but because AD is excellent and sells for a reasonable price in a time of greed and abuse of dominant position (Adobe, Microsoft, etc.) a path that Corel is stepping too. However I got extremely disappointed when unable to import in AD the many drawings I have in cdr and I need to use. Searching the forum I read many references to the subject from those I highlight this dialog: Posted January 26, 2015 by JeffrsnapIn Any chance of being able to import other formats in the future, such as .cdr, .dxf, .dwg etc? I have been working in Corel Draw for years, and have built up a huge library of client's artwork that I need to work with from time to time. I'm trying to move away from Corel draw now, and use Affinity as much as possible, but every time I need to edit an old drawing, I have to go back to Corel Draw, even if its to make a PDF that can be opened in AD... Posted January 26, 2015 by MattP Hi JeffrsnapIn, I think it has been mentioned before - it's definitely something we'd consider, we just need a little time... At present we're trying to flesh out our features a little to the level where we're happy, but when we have a little time we can try to add it Thanks, Matt Two and half years later we still have no cdr import and I quote the JeffrsnapIn words adding that, even using the pdf and other intermediate file formats the trick is far from adequate. For me this is not a minor issue neither for many other users in the forum, I can see. Can we have a clear statement about? Please! Best regards
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    OK, I understand. Thank you.
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    Thank you for your answer. Is there any intention to include it in a further development?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, my name is Virgilio. I use Windows and I’m a nonprofessional illustrator program user. I know nothing about Mac and in what comes to illustration programs I know nothing about Adobe Illustrator. I have DrawPlusX8 that I don’t use because I find it a little limited. I’m using CorelDRAW for a very long time, since the early versions, and use macros now and then. Besides macros I’ve produced some works with automation, the BASIC based proprietary scrip language in the beginning and VBA afterwards. Automation is good, not needed very often but sometimes is necessary. I purchased Affinity because many say that’s the very best program nowadays and it is affordable to experiment (and I am a Serif programs user). I hope that it was a good decision. It’s not the first time that I have more than one concurrent software program to use discretionarily. I’m sure I‘ll have some questions to put forward while in the program learning process.
  8. Hi Just acquire Affinity Designer for Windows. Does anyone know if the program supports automation like the one I have with CorelDraw and Visual Basic for Applications? Regads
  9. Manny thanks. I understand that more interface options are planned for a future version. That’s good.
  10. I just download Affinity. Is there the possibility for the user to change the interface to the regular white, while others may prefer the black? I hate the black interface and I can't proceed evaluating the software with that ugly and morbid black screen in front of me. My apologies if you love the black but we shouldn’t discuss tastes don’t we? Thank you