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    ThomasMus reacted to Ash in Affinity Designer Workbook   
    Hi All,
    For a number of months now behind the scenes we have been producing a workbook for Affinity Designer, and I'm pleased to let you know it is available from today!
    This is a big book - 448 pages, in hardback - and it includes fantastic projects created by some top designers, as well as a comprehensive reference to all our tools and panels, and a set of core skills tutorials.
    You can find more information about it here.
    Usual price is $49.99 / £37.99, but we are running a 20% discount for the launch making it only $39.99 / £29.99 (+ shipping and handling).
    It's worth pointing out that right now the book is only available in English but we do plan to do a German version which should be available towards the end of the year.
    Hope you like it!
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    ThomasMus reacted to Andy Somerfield in Affinity TV - Beta Testers Required!   
    We've got a new app coming out - for the latest generation Apple TV (Late 2015)!
    It's a learning / teaching tool for users of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.
    For now, it simply contains all our video tutorial content from the website / Vimeo. We'll of course be adding more focussed, appropriate content over time. We'll also be doing a better job of categorising the content and grouping it together.
    If you have an Apple TV (Late 2015) and would like to beta test this new tool - please email tv@seriflabs.com and tell us your email address (the email must be associated with an active Apple ID) - we'll then add you to the TestFlight beta program and you should receive further installation instructions.
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    ThomasMus reacted to MEB in Affinity Designer Workbook   
    Hi lesliedow,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    The Help file (menu Help ▸ Affinity Designer Help) covers extensively all the features of the program, with step by step instructions.
    Additionally there's also video tutorials covering most of the features/tools/funcionality of Designer. You can find them here: In-house Affinity Designer Video Tutorials
    For more learning resources check:
    - Affinity Review our ezine, also includes some in-depth written and video tutorials covering specific subjects. The iBooks format includes video too (the PDF doesn't).
    - and a few more third party learning resources here, including Books, Training Courses and written tutorials that may also help.
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    ThomasMus reacted to MEB in Google Nik Collection is now free for everyone.   
    Google has just announced that their Google Nik Collection composed of seven Photoshop plug-ins is now free for everyone.
    Click here for more details. You can download them from here.
    Currently Analog Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4, Silver Efex Pro 2 work with Affinity Photo. HDR Efex Pro 2 only works partially.
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