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  1. For bitmaps, the two colors can be colored as desired or made transparent in InDesign. Very convenient and requires little RAM. In Photoshop you can convert to Bitmap with 50% threshold (s / w), or with Diffusion Dither (what visually appears like a grayscale image).
  2. Please implement Bitmap colour format (2 Colors) selectable in Dokument-Menue. One of the few reasons why we still need to use Photoshop. ;) Thank you.
  3. I think you misunderstood ^_^ What darita means, that he can not select the Bitmap-Mode as Colorformat so like RGB or grayscale. Bitmaps contain only two colors, which e.g. can be colored later in Indesign or made transparent. We have the same Problem (didnĀ“t find Bitmap-Mode).