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  1. don’t get me wrong on this, but I think DxO was saying they were to release a full nik collection update for 2019 at a discount price for those who bought the latest nik collection by DxO. they already have some thread on their forum requesting this issue.
  2. I do have a pano I can’t get done, around 35% over lapping, a mountain behind the lake and it just won’t align the lake at horizon with trees. other than that 8 files pano, usually AP does a good job stitching them.
  3. you’ll see your edits and layers if you save your image as affinityphoto format, not as .tiff or .jpeg
  4. nik collection by DXO won’t work with AP, you need the nik by Google. there’s already few threads regarding this plus one on DxO forum requesting the nik collection to work with AP and other software. here’s a link for discussion
  5. add new pixel layer and use the imprinting brush tool, set to current layer and below and keep opacity and hardness to 100%, work like a charm.
  6. thanks Russ2, I've seen Topaz plugin, topaz studio impression was the one I was looking at but wanted to see if it was possible to achieve the same in AP ..edit.. there’s also Alien skin snap-art 4
  7. I was looking for oil painting effect in AP but can't find nothing related, is there any way for do so in affinity photo? thanks
  8. can’t get it unzip on Mac, what am I doing wong!
  9. I wonder if, haven’t found nothing regarding this, if there’s a folder on Mac with AP to be use as plugin. what I mean is you can use Ps as plugin within many program like Lr, Luminar, ON1 .... but what about Affinity photo?
  10. thanks 0Kami, just realized that from plugin menu in Luminar you can use the Nik collection. also got the new update of DxO Nik, unfortunately the plugins still won’t work with AP unless using the old google plugin.
  11. I agree with what you saying, its AP Mac user issues and hopefully will be fix soon. I never tried or thought to use Nik from Luminar, now I have to look for that.
  12. you can still run Nik Collection latest update from DxO from the old free version plugin folder, just copy/paste somewhere else before deleting the old Nik and once the new version is installed, you’ll need to change the AP path to that old folder (which you can paste back beside your new folder) instead of the new folder you just created installing the new one. it won’t show “by DxO” on top right corner when using your Nik software, but you still can use them.
  13. I'm toasted, it all freeze forced quit now using it after rebooting my computer. how could it was running on the old path but missing the old Nik which is uninstalled, not even the same plugin folder to differentiate them. not sure what I did but running as stand alone here too.
  14. Hi Mikerofoto, I have tried your installation according to the screenshot you have provided and it doesn't work for me. Nik still freeze during the "preparing image" process. Have you check this really is the new version that you are running ? Sorry to ask but the first link they send to me after purchase was actually the latest free release 1.12.12 instead of the 1.12.14 paid one. They apologized for that, but first I have thought that everything worked perfectly. The solution I use for now, is to install the new version in standalone and the old one for the plugins. Oddly, when I check the version number, it shows the old plugin number with the new suite number version, e.g. Silver Efex pro shows version (1.12.14) instead of (1.12.12) or (1.12.14). Fx you got me thinking that I have the wrong version installed and double checked. the DxO version will show upper right corner Nik by DxO and not Nik Collection like on your screenshot. here's mine
  15. yes, I got that email too saying it was the wrong link and had to download the new one, for installation of the new Nik you have to delete the old one(from DxO website troubleshooting page), which I did using uninstall from the Nik folder in the app folder, then installed the new Nik from DxO, which asked for the serial number on installation. I tried sharpener pro as stand alone for the image and all I had was a blank, haven’t got time to try again but will check later to see if I still have this issue.
  16. i added them manually after installing the old free Nik and just the googe folder for the plugin search, haven’t changed anything to that before installing the new Nik. I did used the authorized global otherwise they were not working with AP.
  17. I've been playing with all morning, trying colour effect, silver effect, sharpener pro and analog without any issues from AP. i uninstalled the old version from the uninstaller in app/nik collection folder (MAC) and install the new dxo nik, now all the presets I had made are back when using nik collection. haven't touch any old folders or setting in AP. the first time I installed the new dxo nik I did not uninstall the old first and noticed that all presets were gone.
  18. add a pixel layer, select inpainting brush and on middle top, change current layer to layer below.
  19. thanks, found the answer for Paper Name & Corresponding ICC Profile for Canon printers found on canon support download files. for quality & media, ilford media type set to Other Glossy Paper (Wide Margins). here's screenshots from it, maybe for some future people looking for that.
  20. thanks Callum, you’re in color matching / color sync, this work but I’m looking for “quality & media” to find ilford smooth pearl and the only types of paper showing are Canon. or quality & media don’t matter if your color matching is already set?
  21. I got the Ilford prestige smooth pearl photo paper and I want to use it to print an image, Affinity Photo.... go to print / colour matching, the icc profile is there but in quality & media, I can't find it, is there a place I should be adding the Ilford icc profile other than library/color sync folder? -I'm on a Mac -I have Canon pixma pro-10 printer. thanks
  22. thanks, I know .tiff are big, I have quite a few around 1GB per image, I just wanted to see if there’s a way to save some space other than jpeg. I tried flatten, which really just turn to be about the same (+/-50MB) as exporting a 16bit .tiff without keeping layers.
  23. I'm going through different setting for saving files on my hard drive, always saving as .tiff so I got more range of colours with whatever program to be use with. now I'm having some issues and i've been trying many ways of saving with AP and came to that. NEF file is = 69MB save as .tiff 16bit from NEF = 272.7MB open/modified and exporting from AP= save as affinityphoto format 8bit = 482.4MB clicking cmd/S for saving with layer 8bit = 546.7MB export as .tiff without layer 8bit = 33.6MB export as .tiff without layer 16bit = haven't tried that yet -so the question is, why would saving with layer triple the file size?, and that's only using layers and mask, no added images finishing with merge visible. -changing to 8bit from 16bit and deleting the background in snapshot before saving or exporting. how can I save my files with layers without reaching the 500MB size? thanks
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