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    robkendrew got a reaction from AndyQ in Guides and Guide Manager   
    Also, is it possible to have a function to reorder the numeric list of guides in the Guides Manager in ascending or descending order? When adding a new guide, it seems to default to adding it at the end of the list so you end up with a random list of guides which is not easy to navigate especially if you add say a vertical guide to the left of an existing guide. 
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    robkendrew got a reaction from Netty061 in Address Labels and other small publication templates   
    One of the best features of PagePlus is its ability to design and selectively print out standard Avery address labels- either repeats of a single label or a sequence from a range. Each page is set up as one label design.
    Is this on the road map for Affinity Publisher - possibly even in the first commercial release?? 
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    robkendrew got a reaction from Oakwood in Address Labels and other small publication templates   
    It doesn't take a lot of working out how to duplicate a single label x number of times onto an A4 sheet. 
    Now tell me how to print out just the 4th label on the 5th row or else four copies of the third label on the first row. This is the sort of functionality that PagePlus has which means that you don't have to print out multiple identical labels every time. This is what I'm looking for.
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    robkendrew reacted to DWright in Specify distance between nodes in AD?   
    Hi robkendrew,
    Welcome to the forum
    If you select the two nodes on the side you wish to specify the size of and then using the the Transform tab enter the size you want for the side in the width box and the size will be applied between these nodes.
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