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  1. That would depend on the creator of whichever product you used. In the case of the DSV Dream items, we won't pursue you. We want our resources to be used by as many people who can benefit from them as possible. The attribution is more a bout people trying to pass off our resources as their own. I can't speak for the other resources on the site.
  2. I've been trying to track this down all week since it was first reported. I just finally figured it out. Sorry for the hassle. The files should download fine now.
  3. It was recently suggested that I create s single post showing all of the free resources we have made available via https://affinity.graphics as some were never announced here and some folks still don't know about Affinity.Graphics for finding resources. We just updated the site a bit and released 2 more free resources there, so stop by and check things out. You can find DSV's offerings directly at our Affinity.Graphics User Page. Attached are promo images of everything we've released to date. Enjoy! Dream Atmospheres Dream Brushed Metals Dream Buttons Styles Dream Cinematic Bold Styles Dream Cinematic Styles Dream EmotiKit Dream Gem Styles Dream Gradients 1 Dream Gradients 2 Dream Holiday Styles Dream Latex Styles Dream Liquid Vials Styles Dream Meeple Toolkit Dream Metals Styles Dream Organics Styles Dream Polished Metals Styles Dream Raw Metals Styles Dream Resume Templates Dream Rubber Styles Dream Skies Gradients Dream Styles 1 Dream Styles 2 Dream Styles 3 Dream Styles 4 Dream Xanadu Styles
  4. Very nice! I apologize for the 500 error on Affinity.Graphics. It seems our anti-virus software was shut off and we didn't get notified. Should be fixed now.
  5. I can't seem to edit the original post anymore, but I wanted to say you can find these exclusively at https://affinity.graphics now. The link to my company site will no longer work as of today.
  6. Thanks! We can't wait for you to put some stuff up.
  7. You can now view resources from newest to oldest, number of downloads, or number of favorites!
  8. We just added a Discussion menu item with links to these forums and the other places we're aware of that talk about Affinity products, short of Facebook groups.
  9. I have had reports that both sets of your brushes only work in the beta. It’s the downside of using the betas.
  10. You're welcome! Hopefully, it takes off and really gets used by creators so we all have a great place to find resources for our favorite products!
  11. Jeff, I get an error trying to import the brushes too. Designer says they are in an unknown format. I will let the creator of the brushes know and see if she can update them.
  12. Bob, I have activated your account. Sorry for the trouble
  13. Our mail host had an outage yesterday and several emails were not delivered. I found your account by your username and activated it. You should be able to log in now.
  14. Never mind. Just saw your DMs. You are activated. I’m. Or sure why you didn’t get the email.
  15. Did you register recently or several hours ago? Our mail provider had an issue this morning that was preventing the emails. If it was some time ago, DM me your email or username for the site and i’ll get you activated!
  16. Odd. Have you checked your spam folder? Several people have successfully created an account. DM me your email address you used and I will look and see if it even made it into our system.
  17. Sorry for the viewing problem and thank you for your patience. A last-minute security fix brought a bug along with it that we missed. It should be working now.
  18. You read that right. The Affinity.Graphics web site is LIVE! As an added bonus, you can join us on Slack for Affinity related conversation and announcements of new releases on the site. We have more features we're working on to add even more value for you, but we didn't want to hold up the release of the site any longer. You will find 9 updated and 10 new resources from DreamScape Visionery, LLC with more on the way soon. Help us populate the site with more resource offerings! Reach out to your favorite resource creators and ask them to put their offerings on the site. If you're a resource creator yourself, what are you waiting for? Hit that Submit a Resource button! We want to see the site and community grow and rival offerings for other, inferior, products. Come visit the site and let us know what improvements you would like to see. Use the feedback button to let us know of any problems you encounter on the site or any suggestions you may have. We look forward to seeing you there soon! https://affinity.graphics/ Thanks, The Affinity.Graphics Resources Team
  19. So we had initially set a target date of 11/01 for go live, but life happened and we got delayed. We're now shooting for a go live date of January 1, 2019. As a humble apology for not hitting our target, here is a free styles resource for you. (1 of at least 9 new resources we're releasing when the new site goes live) dream-liquid-vials-styles.7z
  20. Added an FAQ section and a much-requested preview image of part of the site.
  21. We have decided to include the header in our coming soon page to let people see what we intend to provide. Take a look and if you think we're missing something, or some we need more categories, let us know! If you have created a/some resource(s) we really want to hear from you. Drop us a line as stated on the page and we'll be in touch with more information about what the site offers for you. Free or paid, we want to be a discovery vessel for it all. (Paid resources will be linked to your store. We're not processing payments.)
  22. No these work fine in Affinity Photo as well. I haven’t used the iPad version but it sounds like you need to copy the file into the Affinity Photo folder on your iCloud Drive
  23. We currently haven't set a go-live date. If I had to guess I would put it a couple to a few months out. We want to get it right and not get into a rushed situation.
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