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  1. Yes. I tried but I have no idea still how to use that painel looool
  2. Thanks @R C-R and @Ben. I even didn't realise there was a square star tool looool @PixelPest Would you mind creating a gif to show me how exactly you did that, please?
  3. I used the star tool to draw this object with only 4 points. If you see, the corners are rounded and that's not what I want. I tried to drag through node tool but I couldn't go all way. Is there any other tool to fix those corner into square shape? Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you Although, my object sucks and I have no idea how to fit in others lol
  5. I just drew an ugly raw half-round object on Paint lol I'm trying to figure out if there is any tool to create such one.
  6. Hello guys, I tried sometimes to use that tool but I have no idea how to. What are all those features like Cap, Join and Align besides that Miter and Pressure? How do they work and how to use them? Any example? Thanks in advance
  7. I couldn't find any topic related to this, if there is one, please forgive me. So, Affinity Designer is available to acquisition in 1.5 version. I will get a new laptop next Black Friday and I was wondering if I'll be able to use my license on it and uninstall from this laptop, or will I have to get other license?
  8. Thank you very much, guys. I appreciate all you effort and time to help me
  9. I see. I still have some difficult to deal with that. When selecting the Node Tool, I don't see any way to cut the line. How did you do that exactly?
  10. Polygon Mode? I don't get how it would be possible. Would you mind creating an example, please?
  11. I'm still an amateur utilising AD and I have no idea if it's possible to design such thing, as you a bracket. The only thing I got to perform that brack was shaping through Pen Tool. Maybe, it's ridiculous but I have no idea any other way. I even tried to use the rectangle tool, however I'm not sure if it is possible to cut one those lines. Any tip, please?
  12. I don't know if this tool is available, if so, how to do that?
  13. Most of people in THE WORLD have Windows no Macrappy, ok? So, if they should priorise anything, that should be softwares for WINDOWS
  14. I used convert into curves tool, but it's not what I was looking for. I hope you can add it soon. Would you mind requesting this feature, please?
  15. I was wondering that DPI tool. I still don't understand very well how that modify my work. Would you mind defining what happen to document when changing it?
  16. When clicking on Text Tool, the writing is always placed on top of board. Is there any way to centralise the text?
  17. You are correct. What is that snapping candidate for? and how to properly use it?
  18. This is the new bug I've experienced. It does not matter what kind of colour I choose but it ALWAYS changes to purple or something like that. I closed the software and opened later and still that the same issue is there. Is anyone dealing with that problem also?
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