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  1. The software has just arrived. So phew, it is on the level. Invoice was attached which says that Legacy software is the official UK distributer of Magix Software.
  2. Thanks Adam. I'm wondering if it is a scam (the salesperson was very convincing), the opening line was that they could see that I had bought lots of serif products in the past, so they seem to have some sort of database of Serif users (or at least me!). The whole tenor of the conversation was identical to the ones I've had with Serif agents in the past. He spoke to his manager to get me a better price etc. The gentleman did say that they were not part of the Affinity group and were not selling your software when I mentioned that I already had the affinity suite. It may be on the level, and p
  3. Hi everyone, I wasn't sure where to post this so I thought I'd put it here to see if anyone has had the same experience as me. I was telephoned last week from a representative of 'SQ Legacy Software', his script sounded exactly like the sales reps from Serif that I had dealt with in the past and appeared to have access to my previous Serif purchases. He said that he wasn't from Affinity but a separate company from another part of what used to be Serif that dealt with the 3rd party software that Serif used to sell (e.g. Magix, Topaz, Vertus etc.). I bought a Magix product from him over
  4. First post from a longtime Drawplus user. I've now taken my first step into Affinity ('To Affinity and Beyond! lol). At the moment I'm just trying to get a feel for where everything is and how it works by drawing simple objects. One of things I wanted to try was to see how I could replicate a single rectangle around a central point (e.g. like the ticks around a clock or compass). In Drawplus you can do this by moving the centre of rotation of the rectangle and using the Transform tool. It looks like in Affinity you can't move the centre of rotation and you can't make multiple copies using ang
  5. Thanks Paulo! These are great!
  6. OK. I think I've just died and gone to heaven! Thanks MEB!!! Please feel free to delete this post if it's cluttering!
  7. I love the corner tool which allows us to chamfer corners. I was just wondering if a 'bevel' option could be added to it? I guess all it would require is the creation of two nodes equidistant (but adjustable) from the original corner node, the original node to be deleted and two new nodes joined by a straight line. best Ravi
  8. Hi Matt!! Congratulations on your new 'baby'! I read your interview in Affinity magazine with much interest and am so happy that there is a lot more to come for AD. It must be so much nicer for you making the software from the ground up rather than having to deal with legacy code! You must be getting out of bed with a spring in your step these days!! And...THANK YOU for the trapezoid and segment quickshapes! I'm just about to hop over to the suggestions forum to suggest the ability to bevel corners (just to add your enormous to do list!). All the best and Well Done to you and the tea
  9. Ah so it IS you! And there I was thinking that the mapping reference was a co-incidence! I hadn't noticed the Divide tool - very cool! The way layers work in AD takes some getting used to!
  10. Thanks Stephan, that worked. From a workflow point of view, I was just hoping to find a way to rasterise the rectangles and contiguously flood fill the overlaps which would be much faster. I can't believe that there isn't a way to do this! I'm positive I must be missing something.
  11. Thanks for the answers, everyone! Perhaps it might be clearer if I put my question into a context. I'm a long time Drawplus user (waves to Alfred - if it's the same Alfred in the Drawplus forums), I downloaded and installed AD for windows today (very excited). As a DP user the tools are very familiar and although the interface is a little different, it's pretty easy to get used to (more like PS which I also use). So I was playing with AD just to see if I could get similar outcomes as I did in DP. Where I got stuck was when I tried drawing a bunch of overlapping, black stroked but unfill
  12. Is there a way to merge layers in AD? I can't find one. Many thanks! Ravi
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