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  1. thanks added, this is a great feature in other hdr programs such as photomatix.
  2. Windows, hoping you will add > open a hdr by dragging the images to the "add" dialogue box, it gets old having to hunt them down on a hard drive every time,and every time you have to navigate to the folder as it resets to desktop, thanks
  3. as open dragged images into this
  4. windows, when i drag the images into the dialogue box they wont open then have to go hunting on the hard drive
  5. any way to drag images into the hdr merge - add box? instead of having to navigate to where they are
  6. yes the macro function needs to be improved so it is like photoshops. im also comparing to see if i should migrate from ps and i also rely heavily on actions
  7. was so easy in ps. trying to create a macro to resize, correct and export as jpeg for web and i get this at the final step macro can not record "export item" is there another way?