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  1. May I make a dig at Serif?  I am seeking a browser to use with SA.  Serif recommended Fastrawviewer and it was OK except despite their protestations to the contrary any alterations to the image were not updated in the browser until FRV was closed and reopened.  So I turned my attention to others that manage .afphoto files.  I tested Graphic Converter 10 (not to be confused with another of similar name!) and initially was thrilled to see it displayed .afphoto images.  However when I looked closely GC10 had downsized the image to approx 500px.  Why?  I contacted them and the developer said I should challenge Serif because: "I can only show a preview of the Affinity files because they publish no file format details to other developers".  Well... what's that all about?

    1. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor

      TrevorW, We do not tend to respond directly to status's (used to sat something about yourself) as others will not see them. Is there a reason why this is in your "status" rather than a post/thread in the Questions forum?

    2. TrevorW


      Probably because I am an older man and once thought pen and paper was advanced technology! 

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