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    AP Win - Bug - Adjustments

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    AP Win - Bug - Adjustments

    Step 1: New Adj. layer Curves created and customization of the curve done: Step 2: Clicking on the "Curves" again makes the Curves wrap up Step 3: Clicking on the Curves again (hoping this time new layer will be created....) the current curve is reseted: I have tried to add PrintScreens (jpg) to the topic, but I have received this notice: "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." If you can tell me, how to add attachments here, I have them prepared ;) Thanks
  3. OK, thanks for information. Let developers take their time ;) Not in hurry, but please eventhough it should take longer, please release it with that most advanced Macro functionalities. At least for me it is worth to wait longer, knowing I will save time then with quick editing using Macros ;) I believe other professionals agree with me..... hopefully :D Thanks, Jindra
  4. In Photo for Windows I have encountered, that Adjustments in Color Balance for the Midtones and Shadows are doing the same changes in the same color frequencies. They change the same places on the pictures :( Highlights seem to be OK. It seems to be working more only like the Split Toning in 2 separated frequencies then in 3...... Thanks Jindra
  5. I am thinking of recalling this bug announcement..... I have done a stripe test and a further investigation into this feature abilities and now it seems to me that maybe just the evening slightly underexposed photo I was working on made the overlapping frequencies to be very close, resulting in a similar result for Shadows and Midtones.... By the stripe test its seems to be working. If no one else posts a notice with this, I think we could close this one. Thanks
  6. Yes havovubu, that is a good idea. That could lead in some interesting results and message towards Serif. I like it ;) Please those of you who can state these additional features join the discussion..... I can only say what I do not like about LR :D Cheers
  7. Wau, that Google translator works quite well even for Finnish and Czech :) Great fun :D Thanks for the tip However from v_kyr it translated me "umsonst" to Czech as "hardly usable", oder als sagen sie in Deutsch "fehl" oder "erfolglos", und das ist nicht richtig.....
  8. I am surprised about what you are saying - positively. I will try with Serif staff next time in meine Tschechische Muttersprache :D I will just miss that other people will not understand or will have to use some kind of translator.... (which is something I have really never used yet - I have to try it - at least for fun, thanks for the tip). Even though any information that is shared here is valuable and still it seems Serif is listening so why not to discuss everyones ideas - that is my point. I am relaxed, it is a nice day today :) AP is working, people are talking ;)
  9. Was? :wacko: Und jetzt wir haben hier etwas in Deutsch? Denken Sie das die Englische kompanie wird mit dir in Deutsch sprechen? Ich bin neugierig :D Und wir als members.... aaaaaaach so - du hast es gemacht zu kein diskussion hier haben :D Leute hier verstehen Sie nichts. Ist es deine intention? ;) --------------------------------------------- Just translated for others: What? :wacko: And now we have here something in German language? Do you think that an English company will with you speak in German language? I am interested :D And what about members..... aaaaaaa yeah - you have made it because you do not want a discussion here :D People will not understand you here. Is it your intention? ;)
  10. Hi, how further is the Mac version with Macros/Library? I suppose the Win version is maybe in progress now. However.... Macros: At this moment I can see only few settings editable (opacity,blend mode), but it would be much better when we are able to modify all the parameters (curves, levels, colors...). Also the name of a layer as a parameter would be nice.... Library: I would prefer double click to run a macro from a library, otherwise I am always doing one click to display the macro, but it also already runs it. As mentioned, I suppose there will be surely done more work on this topic to 1.6. version as this seems only as a "quick to have" feature. Otherwise, thanks for this great SW, except Macros/Library I do like it so far :) Especially satisfied with the speed and responsivnes of the SW ;) Jindra
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    Macro/Library features

    Great ;) Thanks for information :rolleyes:
  12. fotojindra

    Macro/Library features

    Seems my effort has been wasted here - 112 views and no reply from any moderator :( I am sad this time.... I understand you guys got a lot of work with bugs and other development and I know you are doing good job (and great SW) so far, but isn't it worth to reply while someone is trying to "help" (and those other 111 viewers looking for the same subject)? Macros are important for me and it seems even for others - and it seems to be the only big splotch on this SW so far.... Please just a short answer to let us know :) Be so kind, thank you :rolleyes: And feel free to delete these my two urgencies while answering ;)
  13. AP Win: Could it be possible to have possibility to customise Adjustments in "Studio - Adjustment" so, that we could make our mostly used adjustments on the top? Eg. I do surely use Curves, Vibrance, Shadows/H, etc. more then those on the top :rolleyes: Just make them floating :) Thanks
  14. No, please, no :( Surely not for AP embedded inside :wacko: Someone is mixing RAW development, batch processing, File/Photo management solution - all together - here in this discussion. LR is a different application and the things you are mentioning here can be solved by batch processing, however Catalogue works on different basis.... and there are also SWs which do not use catalogue and have good batch processing (eg. for weddings) like eg. Zoner used to have it till version 15 (I think, not sure about the version).
  15. Seems this bugs has not been covered by update :unsure: Still works the same - while trying to "Edit macro" when no photo file is opened, it stays locked and grayed for editing the rest of the time the session is opened.... Thanks for solving ;)
  16. fotojindra

    Macro/Library features

    Please, any short answer for the topic? :) Eventhough downloading the 1.5.1, I do not see this Macro stuff mentioned.... Thanks ;) .... and please :rolleyes:
  17. It seems to me I have found the scenario.... 1. When I open new session of AP and then immediatelly try to Edit macro, it is gray and stays gray for the rest of the time the session is opened. 2. When I open new session of AP and then open any photo before going to work with macros, then the macro Edit option works. Seems some parameter for "Edit macro" is being set to Inactive and is blocked for the whole session on. ver. @ Win 10 Jindra
  18. It would be nice to have the option of setting the middle scrolling wheel button of a mouse to "Change size of the brush". There is only possibility to change it to Zooming (or default scrolling), but changing the size of a brush is more needed... at least for me. Thanks Jindra
  19. Arangast, thank you for mentioning this possibility :) It is maybe a little bit faster than clicking on the slider, however still not that comfortable and precise as mouse wheel. Also these brackets are not very quickly searchable on the keyboard.... and at last I have only left hand on the keyboard while retouching/editing and these brackets are on the right.... My notice is more about the option for personal settings/preferences. I have used the mouse wheel for this task for some time and it still seems for me to be reasonably useful. I do also like Pixelpluckers "Tablet-like" usage. So what I am opting for is the preferences setting of personal choice. Thank You Arangast and Pixelplucker for contribution to this topic :) Jindra @ Win 10
  20. Yes, today I have opened AFPhoto and Edit macro works :) Yesterday I tried it 3 times and none of the sessions had working Edit macro option.... it seems I am not going to close this session for this day :D Otherwise great SW, you have done great job, I like it and I have already quit using PS ;) Jindra ver. @ Windows 10
  21. Yes, Pixelplucker, that would be also nice option, I agree ;) Simply the message from me is that the brush size change (and Yours mentioned about Opacity) are the mostly used needs/clicks and so their optimization is very useful for us - users.... The default Up/Down movement of the photo is almost ridiculous, Zooming can be done easily by Ctrl - 100%, 50% or fit to the screen, but brush size.... clicking on the button, moving the slider and that even unclicking - that is really time vasting :( But having the option - to set it in Preferences satisfying everyone needs - that would be wonderful :) Thanks Jindra @ Win 10
  22. I have got the same problem. rel. ver. @ Windows 10 Sometimes the "Edit macro" works, but mostly not.... Rename and Delete options are OK, but EDIT is sometimes gray.... (actually around 2 out of 3 cases). Thanks for solving Jindra
  23. Hi, please, can you give us just a hint, when the Affinity Photo for Windows will be out (or Beta)? For some of us whether to subscribe to A for a year or.... :) I have not read any rumours about that for long :) Thank you Jindra
  24. Please, I do not have Affinity product yet as I am waiting for the Affinity Photo for Windows, however.... I would like to know whether you have the Black&White feature, which allows user to take eg. Red channel into B&W photo and paste it as new layer. From the Screenshots it seems there is some color on it eg. Red channel seems like being really red, not the information in Black&White..... For me it is an important feature as I usually need to use the BW One Channel picture in my layers... Thanks, Jindra