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  1. Yes, that sounds it can be even my case. It just happens time to time, I have not remembered the scenario it came with. Will try not to switch or I will follow your instructions. Thanks Jindra
  2. Thank you very much - Ron P. and Wosven - for supporting me YES exactly as we 3 do describe the same case, there is no further discussion needed, there is an awful bug with the GROUP / MASK features strange behaviour in version 1.7.2. To prove it further I am inserting further attachments proving opening older files (created in 1.7.1.) in 1.7.2 is showing files corrupted..... Totally the same file once opened with 1.7.2 and the other in 1.7.1 without any changes made to it. Jindra
  3. Yes I do use AP every day too And yes there is a workaround, but it means a lot of work (Macros, older files....). That is why I am sad about this bug...... am now opening a file by file..... and I will give a further results of my investigation......... but please PaulAffinity and others, open the file I have inserted and tell me if you see the "black and green brush drawing" or not..... It should have been seen as the Background layer is not masked at all, only the adjustments above are grouped and mask...... and please do not make the same trick as HVDB with unchecking the mask layer Thanks Jindra Bug03.afphoto
  4. Sorry if being rude to anyone, just getting bored of people trying to explain me I am wrong and not understanding the point while me explaining it three times..... so sorry to HVDB, if you ment it seriously, please accept my apology. While the sentence you have copied "We NEED..... the repair." is not rude at all (at least not in our contry and my comunity ) - it is just a pure statement made on no reply from Affinity to this show stopping bug (I have made a workaround meanwhile). I am a photo professional and this makes made my work impossible. I would expect people from Affinity to be working on it by now as of I have been in IT before becoming full-time professional and having such a bug we were working night and day to repair it. This king of bug we have categorized to CRUCIAL - URGENT - we made roll-back of the release and gave it the highest priority to lauch update ASAP. If there is a way to contact Affinity directly, please let me know, that would help us all..... Kindly Jindra
  5. Please HVDB , You do not understand the point our you are making this on purpose..... from the screenshots I do see you are completely out of the point. On one you have unchecked Mask layer, which would cause the problem. On the other screenshot you did not even followed the instructions leading to the issue Do you have really a 1.7.2 version installed? Thank you for your messages, but please stop adding these no value messages. I am sorry, but I am getting tired of reading it and repling. We do NEED an AFFINITY EXPERT to get involved and managing the repair. It is a bug, I am photographer for 22 years and one of the early users of Affinity...... if the files I have been using and created since early version are now corrupted IT IS A BUG ..... there is no discussion about it, please. Thank you Sincerely Jindra
  6. Hi @HVDB Once again...... Case: 1. Create background layer with a photo 2. Add one adjustment layer 3. And second different adjustment layer 4. Group the two adjustment layers 5. Give the group a black mask Case normal: changes in the grouped adjustment layers are invisible and you see only the Background layer - your photo Case 1.7.2.: you do not see anything, not even the Background layer - your photo, because the bug makes everything masked not only the grouped adjustments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bug03.afphoto
  7. Previously reported bug is still not solved in 1.7.2. At a certain time during working, brush drawing reactions change. Instead of drawing as I move my pencil on Wacom drush starts to react as in the attachment below. It takes only first and last point and draws a line between them. Black lines as seen.... blue strokes are done afterwards to show what I was really drawing on my Wacom (Pro Intuous).... Please start solving this issue reported about half a year before Thanks Jindra
  8. Yes, IPv6, that is exactly what I am talking about..... In Previous versions Masks on Group did normally mask only the grouped adjustments, however ..... now in 1.7.2. the same file does not show anything, because any Mask over Group causes, that anything under that Mask till the very bottom.... is masked (even the Background layer) Jindra
  9. Further investigation into the problem:...... Masks do not work on GROUPs. Making 2 layers and Grouping them and applying mask to the group makes ALL layers under to be masked..... (On single layers Masking seems does work) Thanks Jindra
  10. I have installed the new 1.7.2. and have opened the last file working on..... did see only grey place until I have unchecked all layers with MASKs! Mask totally do not work! Please how can I quickly return to previous version, this is a TOTAL SHOW STOPPER! Thanks Jindra
  11. Hi, I have downloaded the new 1.7.0 version and followed by 1.7.1. The performance is a disaster and a real workstopper. Drawing something with any Brush tool is the worse I have encounter anytime (no matter if Healing, Brush or Clone....). I have a new top series NTB and Wacom Pro..... but I feel like working with old 486 PC :( I have been using AP for about the time of the first official release, but never saw anything like this :( This had not been a case of 1.6. version that one worked fine for me, but now I do draw something on Wacom and have to wait around 2 to 5 seconds till I see it on the screen, which makes any realtime drawing impossible I have tried restarting many times..... sometimes it works most time not...... It does not seem to be problem of Wacom as it looks the same working with touchpad or a mouse. Do not tell me I am the only one with this problem...... Please let me now ASAP as I am a professional and this makes my job unable...... Thanks Jindra
  12. Hi, while working with colors (reds,yellows,magentas.... HSL....) I am still missing the possibility to choose a range of colors I want to be working with. Something like a slider on the color line (do not want to describe more as it is a common feature in PS....). It is very useful Please.... Jindra
  13. This is the only "Welcome" screen I do see when opening the newly installed 1.6.: No possibility to get to the free content
  14. OK, whatever and move it to wherever, just if it will be in the next release Jindra
  15. Yes I do..... I guess I know what the next step is.... OK, thanks
  16. Hi, it is not possible to set Keyboard Shortcuts fot some Tabs in Studio.... eg. Swatches, Color.... Thanks Jindra
  17. Hi, I have problem, that with AP my tablet (Wacom) works the other way round..... while Zooming it Scrolls and while Scrolling it Zooms.... no matter whether using the Touch Wheel or Touch On gestures. Other applications work fine, so the bug should be in the AP (Win), I have checked the settings twice..... Thanks Jindra
  18. Hi toltec, thanks, actually it help me a lot even for the setting of the Wacom tablet..... I have done the hardness so, that I have set one ExpressKey to mean "Alt"+"Right Click"+"Left Click" and then I can adjust it by Stylus I think I will be able to handle the Opacity somehow similar for the percentages.... not knowing know how, but I will get it to the Wacom somehow At least I will set one key to "10" and second to "100", which are the most desired "express" opacity levels for me.... Thanks Jindra
  19. Hi, how can I please easily adjust Opacity and Hardness with tablet (Wacom Intuos Pro)? I would like to have on the wheel not only Brush Size (by [ ]), but also Opacity and Hardness of the brush.... If it was possible to set Keyboard Shortcuts for Opacity and Hardness, it would be OK, but in the shortcuts there is only the size Thanks Jindra
  20. Hi, please is Wacom Intuos Pro FULLY compatible with AP for Win? I mean including ExpressKey and all other functions. Want to know whether the investment is useful for me Thanks for info Jindra
  21. Hi Chris, yeah, it seems to me that it is usually while I am working with larger files. I do not see much correlation between the cases as it happened to me: while setting curves, drawing a mask, creating a selection, making Gaussian Blur Fx ....... cannot remember now the other cases It just throws the message and the session disappears. Sometimes it offers me a recovery file, but as of I am a Pro and working quite fast, there is usually a lot of missed work during that time.... (I am going to set smaller auto save timing ;) .... hope this App has this in settings....) And once it happened to me while I was drawing a large mask and still pressing, so maybe there could be some buffer run out issues - I do not know..... but my memory does not seem to be going even close to its limits.... allways still a few Gigs free..... Thanks Jindra
  22. Hi, I am encountering a lot of ERRORS and system falling without saving the work. It seems to me to be it something like 1 out of 4 opened sessions that it falls unexpectedly.... And honestly that is a lot.... usually I loose some work, not a lot, but still, for professional usage it is hard for me to catch up with the time missed. I know I am filling it up a lot, but I think it is not others do not do - cca 1.5GB a file and my PC is quite capable of holding such application (i5, SSD, enough RAM....). Otherwise good SW, I like it, not thinking of returning to P....S... Thanks guys for support ;) Jindra
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