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  1. Hi, it seems to me that the feature "Mask to Below" does not work properly. When I have a layer (B&W) prepared to become a Mask and I do click "Mask to Below" it inserts some corrupted Pixel layer to the layer below :( Thanks Jindra
  2. Hi, please is Wacom Intuos Pro FULLY compatible with AP for Win? I mean including ExpressKey and all other functions. Want to know whether the investment is useful for me Thanks for info Jindra
  3. Hi, while working with colors (reds,yellows,magentas.... HSL....) I am still missing the possibility to choose a range of colors I want to be working with. Something like a slider on the color line (do not want to describe more as it is a common feature in PS....). It is very useful Please.... Jindra
  4. Hi, could it be possible to add some button for Leves adjustments eg. "Auto" or "Max" or "Auto-Max" which would move Black and White Level (separately) to the max till there is Zero value on the histogram. It is hard to check from the histogram the Zero values not to loose information. Sometimes it would be very useful ;) Thanks Jindra
  5. This is the only "Welcome" screen I do see when opening the newly installed 1.6.: No possibility to get to the free content
  6. Hi, I have problem, that with AP my tablet (Wacom) works the other way round..... while Zooming it Scrolls and while Scrolling it Zooms.... no matter whether using the Touch Wheel or Touch On gestures. Other applications work fine, so the bug should be in the AP (Win), I have checked the settings twice..... Thanks Jindra
  7. Hi, it is not possible to set Keyboard Shortcuts fot some Tabs in Studio.... eg. Swatches, Color.... Thanks Jindra
  8. fotojindra

    AP Win Keyboard Shortcuts

    OK, whatever and move it to wherever, just if it will be in the next release Jindra
  9. Yes I do..... I guess I know what the next step is.... OK, thanks
  10. Hi, how can I please easily adjust Opacity and Hardness with tablet (Wacom Intuos Pro)? I would like to have on the wheel not only Brush Size (by [ ]), but also Opacity and Hardness of the brush.... If it was possible to set Keyboard Shortcuts for Opacity and Hardness, it would be OK, but in the shortcuts there is only the size Thanks Jindra
  11. Hi toltec, thanks, actually it help me a lot even for the setting of the Wacom tablet..... I have done the hardness so, that I have set one ExpressKey to mean "Alt"+"Right Click"+"Left Click" and then I can adjust it by Stylus I think I will be able to handle the Opacity somehow similar for the percentages.... not knowing know how, but I will get it to the Wacom somehow At least I will set one key to "10" and second to "100", which are the most desired "express" opacity levels for me.... Thanks Jindra
  12. Hi, seems to me the Edit / Fill... Shift + F5 not working properly (the custom color/noise part). When I select this choice while being on Pixel layer and choose custom color by one click, and I do add some noise.... no noise is added...... Thanks Jindra P.S. Could you please also add a quick "Fill with 50% Grey" option as this is surely very often used Fill action :rolleyes:
  13. Hi, I am encountering a lot of ERRORS and system falling without saving the work. It seems to me to be it something like 1 out of 4 opened sessions that it falls unexpectedly.... And honestly that is a lot.... usually I loose some work, not a lot, but still, for professional usage it is hard for me to catch up with the time missed. I know I am filling it up a lot, but I think it is not others do not do - cca 1.5GB a file and my PC is quite capable of holding such application (i5, SSD, enough RAM....). Otherwise good SW, I like it, not thinking of returning to P....S... Thanks guys for support ;) Jindra
  14. fotojindra

    AP Win - Bugs - Unexpected errors.....

    Hi Chris, yeah, it seems to me that it is usually while I am working with larger files. I do not see much correlation between the cases as it happened to me: while setting curves, drawing a mask, creating a selection, making Gaussian Blur Fx ....... cannot remember now the other cases It just throws the message and the session disappears. Sometimes it offers me a recovery file, but as of I am a Pro and working quite fast, there is usually a lot of missed work during that time.... (I am going to set smaller auto save timing ;) .... hope this App has this in settings....) And once it happened to me while I was drawing a large mask and still pressing, so maybe there could be some buffer run out issues - I do not know..... but my memory does not seem to be going even close to its limits.... allways still a few Gigs free..... Thanks Jindra
  15. Hi, I have just encountered, that when I press in Adjustments again eg. Curves while I am already on adjustment layer which is -Curves- and customized, it acts like creating a new adjustment layer therefore reseting the current customizations.... It should rather add another layer above this layer or open the customizations that have already been done. Reseting of customization without request is not a good feature :rolleyes: Thanks
  16. fotojindra

    AP Win - Bug - Adjustments

    This bug is irritating me again and again..... Is it only me? :wacko: Why is it not possible to add a new Curves adjustments layer above currently selected Curves Adjustments layer? It always resets the setting I have done :( Please others, write if you have the same problem with this bug.... I think it is very unprofessional from Serif to leave there such an irritating bug :angry: Thanks Jindra
  17. fotojindra

    AP Win - Open recent...

    Why there is only 10 last recent files< Screens are now large enough to holt much more.... 20 recent files? 30? Why is there such a small number? ;)
  18. Hi, could it be possible to have somewhere in Preferences setting which would enter only ".afphoto" files into "Open recent"? I mean it as an option, because I do sometimes open files just to look at them (eg. exported .psd or .tiff) however I do not want them in the quick Open recent... list, I want there only .afphoto files :rolleyes: Thanks Jindra
  19. Hi, I would like to know deeper about Export possibilities of TIFF format. In the Export settings I do not see the possibility to choose between ZIP, LZW, RLE or other compression possibilities. When I am exporting to TIFF it makes some file that seems smaller then compressionless file however I do not see what happened to it. I do not even know whether the file was exported losslesly or there was an information loss :( Thanks Jindra
  20. OK, will move it to the Feature Requests forum ;)
  21. Seems Serif does not want to join the discussion :D
  22. If it is LZW it is OK, the one I have used the most anyway. However it should be stated somewhere so users immediately see it while exporting.... Even cameras have got the possibility "compressed/uncompressed/lossless compression" - even thet would be enough Serif ;)