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  1. Again, I ask if this has been fixed for the iPad version? Havent used it since I bought it and could not get pressurised taper brush to work like it does in Adobe a Draw.
  2. So, has this been fixed if an issue or added as a feature? Haven’t and can’t use this program (despite already purchasing) until this is sorted.
  3. Thanks guys, I can achieve this style of taper, but what it doesn’t give me is pressure adjustment - I don’t want every stroke to have the same thickness. It seems silly - it means for my workflow I have to continue to have a Creative Cloud subscription - I have to do my linework in Adobe Draw, export it to Adobe Illustrator, then save and import into Affinity Designer, which kinda makes Designer of no use to me.
  4. Here is the taper brush doing EXACTLY what I want it to do in Adobe Draw: Here is the same settings in Designer: Why can’t a free app give me the simplest of brushes and a paid app cannot?
  5. ...exactly like the brush in Adobe Draw. No matter what settings I adjust in either vector brush or pencil in Affinity Designer, I cannot get a tapered brush that also works with pressure control. I can get the taper at both ends if I switch pressure off, but then every stroke is the same width. Please help! Maybe someone could send me a working brush if I’m doing it wrong! This alone would see me move away from Adobe Draw, and ultimately Illustrator.