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  1. Wow, fist Beta i even can't start after install. After a second install AP Beta 4 starts up. Thanks for this new Beta ;)
  2. Hmm, i downloaded the new build and installed it. After install i opened an old project, than i got a white background. After opening other older projects, i ever got a white background. After renaming %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta), i got a grey background (as expected) on opening a project.
  3. New bug? If i create a new raster/grid layer in AP 1.5 Beta 5, then i can't delete this layer. There is no way to release or delete this layer. Editing this file in AD 1.5 Beta 15 will be the same result. Editing this file in Windows-Version (AD 1.5 Beta 18) works better. In this version, i can release this raster/grid layer, but saving this file and opening it in AP 1.5 Beta 5 (Mac) results in crashing AP 1.5 Beta 5. :wacko: BTW: There are many missing translations in the german version. A few functions are translated to german and others are not. In my opinion it is better to have only one language. English or german, but "denglish" is very irritating ;)
  4. I've tried to open a .afphoto-file of AP 1.5 Beta 1 and the latest Beta 4 of AP crashes. Is there a known issue with it? -this file includes my first test of a HDR-Merge in combination with the scratches-filter Opening files from Beta 3 are working great...
  5. Sorry, this bug is not corrected in Beta 3. :( I'll try to reproduce this step by step in Beta 3 later. For now, i have tried to reproduce this issue with a file, saved in Beta 1.
  6. Next Bug :unsure: I wanted to make a few HDR-Photos, that i shot yesterday. (i wanted to make a panorama of 7 HDR Photos - three jpg pictures each HDR) 4 of 7 HDR-Photos were created correctly, but the 5th of them couldn't be created. I see a statusbar named "Tone Map" 100%... and then, after an amount of time, my mac os ran out of memory, and want to stop AP directly. After that i want to restart AP, but AP doesn't open up again and i also can't restart mac os becaus AP is started. I also can't close AP with APPLE+Command+ESC. After a hard reset (power off), i started AP and want to create this HDR by a second try. In activity monitor i saw, that AP takes more and more memory... up to 80GB of RAM, before it is stopped by mac os. And then... same procedure... Hope this helps... ;)
  7. AP crashes if "Dust & Scrtches Filter" is used in combination with "Clarity Filter"... I didn't try another combination of Filter-Layers. Another Bug: Saving a file in HDR-Persona results in undoing any customization of the image. Activating/Deactivating for example "Exposure" will bring back any customization of the image. In HDR-Persona every translation to german is missing. Sorry for my bad english... it's only german shool-english ;-)
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