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  1. The choices of thumbnail size in the Pages windows seem a bit strange. Large and medium are fine but the small selection produces very tiny thumbnails in a filmstrip down the left side of the window. They are too small to see useful details, and also there does not seem to be a way of spreading them out as the other sizes do. In Page Plus the size is variable which is much more convenient. Is there any method of altering these pre-set sizes? If not is there a chance that a thumbnail about half the size of the current small one could be included. It would then be much easier to organise the pages as many more could be seen in the window.
  2. Since this problem with scaling did not occur with version .145 is there some hope that it will be changed in the future so that scaling can be used?
  3. You have hit the nail on the head. Reducing to 100% cured the problem. Pity as I like the larger text. When I restarted Publisher a window opened from Win 10 saying it appears you have some blurry apps and to go to advanced scaling and let Windows sort it out. I haven't tried it but wonder whether there may be a solution to allow the use of some scaling. Many thanks for your help.
  4. Sorry Patrick, I didn't answer all your question. I am using Win 10 pro 1803. I cannot find anything about 'font scaling'.
  5. Patrick, Windows is scaled 125% on a 1920x1080 screen.
  6. Attached is an afpub file that also displays the blurring. It is much smaller so quicker to download. August 2018 trial.afpub
  7. Herewith the Designer file. Ad page 1.afdesign
  8. I should have said that I am using Win 10 Pro. I have restarted the program several times. No change.
  9. I have taken a screen shot from Publisher and one of the original from Designer. You can see that the publisher version has a sort of shadow effect. It was just as sharp as the Designer clip with the previous version.
  10. Text looked fine on previous version but after the latest update all the text in a document I am creating is blurred. It prints correctly and all the program label text is sharp. What has happened?
  11. Thanks Walt. I have learnt something new.
  12. I cannot get Section Manager to allow me to set the first page for numbering other than the very first document page. I don't want numbers on the cover. Page Plus does it well but the same area in Publisher Section Manager is greyed out. Is this me or is it a bug?
  13. When I try to print a drawing to a Canon MF8030 it asks for a custom size paper although correctly set as A4 on document. No proble with Canon iP7250. Can anyone help