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    The Box Set by Wren

    Hello Wren I just bought the Boxed Set from Gumroad but in the zip file there don't seem to be any manifests only the brushes themselves. There is a Documentation folder but it only contains the license. Please advise. thanks St3v3
  2. I too find the histogram unusable in develop persona on PC version The work around noted above is not too palatable. Here's hoping for a fix to this bug soon. Panasonic camera.
  3. Ahh you are right. I was selecting the fill layer but when I select the mask layer then the fx works as expected. Many thanks for your help.
  4. In Photo on Win7 I have a fill layer creating a border around my photo. That all works. But the Vimeo tutorial ( ) says I can put a gaussian blur on the fill layer. I see the little fx text next to the layer in the layer panel but there is no visible change in the fill layer image. Also tried other fx, nothing changes.