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  1. Hello, Serif people. I would like there to be the option of converting missing fonts into curves at the time of opening a file, such as PDF. PDF readers can display perfectly on the screen and print documents whose fonts are missing on the machine you view. PDF readers can do this because the font is embedded in the file. So, I think Affinity (Photo and Designer) could do the same process that these pdf readers do. Lately, I've been using PDF reader "PDF-X CHANGE EDITOR" So I print to PDF with the option of converting fonts into curves. However, the result is poorly rendered text. Please Serif people. Help Us!
  2. Hello, guys at Serif. Please, make Affinity Photo and Designer remember my last settings, for example, If I choose Lanczos instead Bilinear, please, remember this choice in the next time. If I do Effects/Bevel and Emboss, please, let me reuse my last settings. Is not useful "pillow" 5px every time! The ideal is a option "save as default" for each effect, like Photoshop do. Please, set LANCZOS for defalt for everything! Please, SET by default export do PDF with JPEG 100% instead JPEG 85% PLEASE, let me choose if I want to export to PDF with layers or not!
  3. Hello, guys at Serif. I have found the root of all problems with export to PDF. Please, open the attached file, export it to PDF, open the exported PDFs with Affinity Designer and verify the layers panel. Some (or all) gradient fill curves was rasterised. AD have a BUG. if a linear gradient have more than 2 colors, and if mid point is not exactly 50%. AD will rasterise it at export to PDF. Please, Serif guys. Correct it! Gradients in Affinity Designer.afdesign
  4. I think I found the root of the problem. Please open the attached document for more information. Indeed, Affinity Designer has disappointed me! Gradients in Affinity Designer.afdesign
  5. Illustrator exports the PDF in this way. The gradient does not lie in the object, but in a rectangle, and it uses the object as a mask. It does not matter if the gradient is in the object or in a masked rectangle. Affinity will rasterize everything in bitmap!
  6. Hello, Serif guys. There is a big problem with Affinity. It only allows you to create a new guide by dragging from the ruler with the move tool (V) only. Other programs allow you to drag a new guide from the ruler with any tool selected. Another problem is that Affinity uses only one decimal place after the point, and this is too inaccurate to create a new guide from the exact location where a node is. For example, the node is at x = 159.8731654127mm, but Affinity rounds the value to 159.9mm. Please, make it use the complete floating value and use the rounded just for display. If I select a node with the node tool, there is no way to create a guide exactly where the node is. Other programs allow you to do this. I'd love it if there was a way to right-click on a node and choose in a popup menu: Create a horizintal guide in the position of this node Create a vertical guide in the position of this node Create horizontal and vertical guides in the position of this node Please, don't take too long to answer my requests, my work depends on it.
  7. I checked that. There it says 6 digits after the decimal point. But in practice it only works with 3. If it is possible to do it to the correct way, then why is the program come default with the worst possible option?
  8. Hello, Guys! Today I download a new Afinitty Photo. However, the bugs are the SAME! Unlike Photoshop Layer Effects, in Affinity the values of object effects (depht, radius, offset, etc.) are copy/pasted in percent, NOT in absolute values. This is the most shameful BUG of all time! Please, let us choose either percent or absolute values, as we can do in rounded corners. Please, see the 2 documents to understand! BUG in copy and paste FX.afphoto
  9. Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo are trying to open PDF curves as if were text. These programs are requesting substitution of fonts when they do not find one similar to the text in curves. IT IS THE BUG!!! The purpose of converting text in curves is precisely to avoid this problem that AD & AP is trying to create! Please, read the 4 attached documents. Com-Classe.pdf
  10. Mike, How do you explain that? Adobe Illustrator opens the document and understands that they are vectors, not texts. There is somewhere in the document unconverted text in curves. But this is not the case for the selected objects, as shown in the attached JPEGs. What's more, Adobe Illustrator does not require replacement fonts to open this PDF. Affinity asks for font replacement.
  11. Hello. Please, see the .afdesign file attached. I saved the history in the document. Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo have the SAME BUG! I click in a object, and I do a Ctrl + C (to copy its layer effects, fill color, etc), So I click on another object and do "Edit / Paste FX", Hence, my problems begin! AF and AP does not copy / paste the EXACT values from source to destination, at Paste FX. The values like Radius, Offset, Depth, etc. of pasted layer atributes are DIFFERENT than the source layer style, no mater if "scale with object" are checked or not. Please, see this values in the images bug1, bug2 and bug3.jpg This problem does not occur in Adobe Photoshop, no matter if source layer is different in size compared to destination layer. PLEASE, CORRECT THIS BUG! AfDesign bum copy and paste FX values.afdesign
  12. Affinity Designer is unable to export to PDF for professional purposes! Guys, I created this file Campagnolo Reataurante.afdesign in version Affinity Designer Export to PDF is unable to avoid convert gradients to bitmaps. It ALWAYS convert gradients into very poor quality bitmaps. If I want to create a decent PDF, I must open EPS or SVG in Adobe Illustrator, then, export to PDF. 100% vectors, with no one bitmap! My intention is avoid to use other software beyond Affinity Designer simply to do a single job, like this! If I have to export to PDF as a bitmap then it is better to use GIMP, which is free and has more features than Affinity Designer. Unfortunately, Affinity Designer did not meet my professional expectations! Campagnolo Reataurante.afdesign Campagnolo Reataurante.eps Campagnolo Reataurante.svg Campagnolo Reataurante by Affinity.pdf Campagnolo Reataurante by Illustrator.pdf
  13. Hello, guys! I posted this problem some days ago... Now, I am posting other sample. Please do not comment mentioning printer, sRGB or CMYK. These things have absolutely nothing to do with the Affinity Designer problem not being able to export gradients as vectors. Affinity Designer rasterize as image all kind of gradients! I do not think it's professional I've tried all possible export settings for PDF Adobe Illustrator can export your gradients as vectors in PDF and reimport again, again and again without changes. So of course, Affinity should also be able to do the same. Is not it? 4-Gradients.afdesign 4-Gradients.pdf
  14. Hello. I have TWO Affinity Designer in my machine. A paid licence version and a customer beta (Beta). Paid licence NEVER perform CHECK FOR UPDATES! Customer Beta says on startup: "New Beta available There is a new version..." Then, I just click in the button "download". Then, instead of redirect me to a download page of Beta Forum, the navigator points to https://affinity.serif.com/pt-br/designer/to BUY MY LICENCE AGAIN! I guess your team are very very CRAZY PEOPLE! Please, Affinity team, please, have more respect and consideration for who paid for the license. Please add the "Help / Check for updates" command to the Help menu. Please, add "download beta version" to your main page. Please correct your unforgivable problem of exporting PDF gradients as bitmaps. If you do not fix this, Affinity designer will crash just like Serif DrawPlus.
  15. Instead of making "ad hominem" critical comments, why do not you come up with a solution to the problem? If there is an update for version (Beta), then, show it here!
  16. Hello, Guys. Let me choose Export to TIFF with other compressions, like LZW, JPEG, NONE, etc. Let me choose Export to JPEG Chroma format, like 4:2:0, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4
  17. Hello. A couple days ago I reported a BUG in Affinity Designer Today I received a warning to update the program. I was downloaded the "upgrade", but it is THE SAME FILE I bought: I guess you are kidding with me! THE BUG IS: Effects Bevel / Emboss do not show the black color in the right nor bottom side of an object! Please, CORRECT IT!
  18. I am still waiting the "next" build since its release. Beta versions had updates almost every day. Paid licence have no updates. Why? Please, Serif team, solve this BUG!
  19. Hello, guys. Effect bevel/emboss have no black color at right/bottom side of an object. Simply DO NOT WORK! I am using Affinity Designer on Windows 10
  20. Hello. I am using Affinity I can merge several curves to a single object. But, I need to merge several pixel layers into one. I need to avoid export and reimport, to flatten 2 or more pixel layers to one.