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  1. I have found the correct folder that you want. How can I send you the folder as I only have the option to upload files here? Apologies for my ignorance..... Today, Publisher seems to have regressed to loading the wrong fonts again... 😞
  2. Hello Jon, thanks for replying. I seem to be only able to upload files, and the attached is what is in the 1.0 folder, although I'm not sure if it's what you want... Yesterday I downloaded 1.8 from my account and installed it on an old laptop and a PC, both running Windows 10. Neither had any Affinity software installed. I ran Publisher on a try-out basis and it ran perfectly on both machines. Today I clicked on the Publisher icon on my work PC and it ran perfectly, so I was able to work on my publication. When I eventually closed Publisher I tried starting it twice and both times it was OK with no problems regarding fonts. I've no idea why it should work OK today as I hadn't changed anything between yesterday and today. No idea if this will continue of course, as there is obviously a problem somewhere. Paul licence.xml
  3. Could you please tell me how I can roll back to version 1.7.3 as the 1.8 version of Publisher, Designer & Photo do not work at the moment and I need to finalise the publication I am working on. I have tried running the 1.7.3 .exe file I have but it will not install as it is an "update" file. Well, I think that is the problem with it. Many thanks.
  4. Just to let you know that out of ten tries trying to start Publisher 1.8 this morning it only started properly twice. Unfortunately on these two occasions the fonts were all different to the ones chosen for the publication. On the other eight tries the programme crashed after the splash screen. I hope you can help. Publisher is a great application which I enjoy using and the new features are very good, so I hope my issues can be resolved.
  5. Apologies again... think I am having a "senior" moment as I realised that I uploaded the exported pdf file to you. You should have the original Publisher file by now.
  6. Apologies... I have also used the attached font. CLEG.TTF
  7. Another problem is that Publisher, Designer and Photo often shut down after the splash screen has appeared. At the moment, Publisher is continually shutting down after the splash screen although it will probably start after I have re-booted my PC., as it has done in the past.
  9. Every time I open update 1.8 the fonts in my publication are a mess. Not only are the fonts substituted throughout the publication but also the font names do not tally with the font shown. Publisher also takes a lot longer to load. What is going on and how soon can this be fixed? My publication is due to be at the printers in a weeks time.
  10. +1 for a light interface. I use PageplusX9 which has an excellent light, easy on the eye, UI. Swopping between programmes, one with a light interface and one with a dark one, would make life very difficult. It would seem that this is another case of fashion over practicality and am surprised that there isn't consistency between the family of design and publishing products. I have also experienced disappearing fonts and crashes when trying to save work as mentioned by other users. However, hopefully these will all be dealt with in the next update, which I look forward to. Keep up the good work !
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