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  1. In Affinity Publisher, what exact affect does the 'DPI' setting do in document setup? The help text is too vague, and says nothing about how this setting is used by Publisher and how it interacts with the resolution in generated files: "DPI—Sets the resolution of your document. For example, for professional print quality, set your resolution to 300 dpi or above." If I initially set the 'DPI' setting to a low value, will it prevent me generating high-res PDFs? If not, what purpose does it serve? Perhaps DPI I've been using Serif PagePlus for years, and I'm used to only controlling DPI in the files which I generate, like in PDFs, not in the source file.
  2. Please can you clarify which forums you want us to report bugs in (this general forum or the platform-specific one)? Same thing for suggestions. Coming from various Serif beta test programmes, I'm used to the bug reporting to be very well defined processes, whereas this seems completely 'free form'.
  3. Will there be a rewards program for Affinity Publisher Beta testers, as there used to be for Serif PagePlus Betas? Sounds mercenary, but it was a good incentive to invest time reporting and suggesting improvements.
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