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  1. when following a tutorial on image background removal in both Photo and Publisher I get different results. Running Photo directly; open an image, selecting the part that I want to keep (Selection Brush Tool) then selecting the Mask tool from the Layers menu effectively removes the unwanted areas. But when using the Photo persona inside of Publisher I get an offset crop.
  2. I did figure out how the Artboard function works. At first it didn't seem to work but the next day it did for some random reason. I also found where the (graphic) Assert resources are kept in case anyone else is looking for them in Publisher C:\Users\ 'your user name' \AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Publisher\1.0\user\assets.propcol Thank you all for your help.
  3. for some reason it started working, it may have been the PDF that I had opened it in. Although MarkDaniel mentioned something about 'Paste boards' is that a thing? Also can someone tell me where the (user added graphics) Asset packs are kept? when I export them they are given an extension of .afassets but that extension doesn't exist in either the Affinity folder under ProgramFIles or in the Affinity folder under the userdata folders. My goal is to synchronize that folder to my Pcloud account so I can use the resources no matter where I am working. Import/export can work but that can lead to mistakes possibly overwriting a newer file in the process... Thanks
  4. It doesn't look like the Artboard process works in Publisher yet (the box is grayed out)... Although I did set up an artboard in Designer but am unsure what good it is for? you can't drag your objects to another page or across to another running app like Publisher... so it seem to just be a page to copy and paste from. so why not just use a blank page to do essentially the same thing? I much preferred the ability to edit objects on the 'background' I guess I'll just have to wait until Serif fixes the Clip to Canvas function?
  5. Clip to Canvas doesn't seem to do anything in Publisher In fact once an object is fully moved off the page and once it is no longer selected it seems to just disappear and you can't click (where it used to be) or drag over the selected area (where is used to be) it's just gone? although if you click through your history it will then be re-selected at that point... odd I too would like to arrange items off the page then move groups back, like a work area that I am use to in PagePlus.
  6. the problem with importing a PDF that was exported by PagePlus is that the text is imported as vectors and not editable text in either Publisher or Designer. Even after the import screen states that all the fonts are available.
  7. Designer 1.7.1 (just updated) crashed while creating the second template, I sent the crash report. Now the next issues with the Custom (Print dialog) Layouts is that you still need to create the document with the correct 'label' dimensions, so I created a 'Document setup' 'Preset' for each of my Custom Layouts. But then when you go to print, nothing shows up on the preview screen and the labels don't print. but if you notice the attachment, of the Print dialog, the Width & Height boxes are set as zero. And, yes, those numbers (8.5x11) were inserted there when I was saving, and doing a Save-As to overwrite the original.(bug?) So while making Custom Layouts, sort of works, there are lots of steps... It really should be more automatic?? And when going back into 'Document Setup' under 'Presets' the little button that let you create or delete a preset disappeared. (bug?) I also attached my Avery templates just in case anyone wants them. Put them in C:\Users\ "your user name" \AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Designer\1.0\printing Avery business cards 8371 10-per page.profile Avery label 5160 30-per page.profile Avery label 5163 10-per page.profile Avery label 5167 80-per page.profile Avery label 5195 60-per page.profile
  8. Trust me, from years (decades) of experience use on many different (PC) computers... the one constant for PagePlus is its ability to crash 'continuously' mainly with large or complicated projects, to continuously save is the only option. I have spent seemingly, endless hours on the phone with tech support, sending them my worst offenders... I am really looking forward to Publishers release tomorrow (6/19/19) But now with publisher being on its initial release, it will be years before it will develop into what PagePlus already was, save the crashing... Cheers
  9. I too would like to have the ability to Easily choose a Avery or Small publication template instead of having to create a custom profile for each... After a bunch of fiddling I was able to figure out how to set the document size then the custom scale for 'N-Up' to repeat the same label or business card across the page with success. Then I Save-As and I have my template. But if Serif doesn't want to create the library for all of us as part of the program, maybe they should create a repository on their site or on the Forums site for people to download contributed templates? Designer is a very capable program but I really miss all the little nuances that developed into PagePlus over the years... ALSO being able to OPEN an existing PagePlus file should be available and that should have been the fist thing developed!! re-creating hundreds of documents isn't feasible so I must still use the PagePlus program with it's continuous crashing just to use those old files... Not a great solution!
  10. I wholeheartedly agree. I have been a Serif patron for years and own every one of their products including all but the first two Page Plus versions. And was told that there is not a import facility for Page Plus documents. So with hundreds of document that I created over the years are only usable in their unsupported legacy program now. Very sad, support your existing customers first please!
  11. I bit cryptic but I got it. Maybe they should add a reference regarding 'crop to shape' in the help file for users of the older products that can reference to the new procedures and terminology? thank you
  12. one of my most used features in PagePlus was the 'Crop to shape' function. overlay a shape over an image and select 'crop to shape' and the underling image takes the shape of the overlaying shape. I see reference to 'mask to shape' but can't find that function either. Is there an easy way to do this without creating a separate layer, using a mask? Thank you
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