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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I have been a Serif patron for years and own every one of their products including all but the first two Page Plus versions. And was told that there is not a import facility for Page Plus documents. So with hundreds of document that I created over the years are only usable in their unsupported legacy program now. Very sad, support your existing customers first please!
  2. kurtedward

    crop to shape

    I bit cryptic but I got it. Maybe they should add a reference regarding 'crop to shape' in the help file for users of the older products that can reference to the new procedures and terminology? thank you
  3. one of my most used features in PagePlus was the 'Crop to shape' function. overlay a shape over an image and select 'crop to shape' and the underling image takes the shape of the overlaying shape. I see reference to 'mask to shape' but can't find that function either. Is there an easy way to do this without creating a separate layer, using a mask? Thank you