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  1. I am scanning using Image Capture (Version 7.0 (1106) - High Sierra) , saving as TIFF 600DPI. When I open with either Designer or Photo, the TIFF does not show properly: No problem when opening it with Preview. File attached. Scan 1.tiff
  2. Also I would love to be able to drag a symbol from the symbol palette into the layers palette
  3. +100 !! As soon as you have more than wo dozens of symbols it shows its shortcomings
  4. +1 And I would expect it to behave the same way Finder does when it displays a folder content in list view: you simply hold the ALT key when you click the triangle and every folders and sub-folders within collapse/expand. (I bet a lot of you didn't know that about Finder, am I right?)
  5. Well I have the exact same problem and the exact same situation! Needed to give the file to customer today and now I"m rushing to create a new file from blank, hoping it will not start to crash when I move an artboard.
  6. is there an approximate release date for 1.6?
  7. Will the arrow heads make it to the next update? When can we expect an 1.5.6 update?
  8. zantafio

    Handles Snapping to grid and grid size

    Do you have an idea when we will get an update with this feature?
  9. Why text extrusion is not on the roadmap?
  10. Sharing should have a input box to resize the project just like export has.