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  1. HiHi! First of all, AD is my new favourite thing in the world, ever. I'm buying it, even though it's not quite fit for the purpose of Motion Graphics just yet. I've posted in the forum in case i've missed something but will AD be able to export a layered vector file format for use in AE? I'm desperate for AD to work in the After Effects pipeline without having to do workarounds. (Raster is no good for the Mograph we do at the current agency) Illustrator sucks! :P AD is epic! B)
  2. Hi Has there been any movment on a layered vector file format from AD? I have worked for 4 motion graphics agencies in London in the last 7 months all who are sick of Illustrator (and Apple actually!) being insanely slow and crashing even the dustbin macs. I've introduced AD to a few designers as it is such a beautiful piece of software but us animators can't use it if we can't output and update a layered vector format. I literally can't wait for AD to be able to do this so we can start to use it in our After Effects - Modo pipelines. Exporting separate layers as files in fine but it adds t
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