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  1. Hi, have you managed to inspect the issue? Thanks
  2. And, I am using the latest version available
  3. Hi, I'm getting some weird visual artifacts when I have following image (JPG photo + stacked gradient layer) with some vector masks + some adjustment layers applied. The "banding" changes when I zoom in and out or when I disable some of the masks or adjustment layers. Can you please help me with it?
  4. It behaves like there was another window below. So the issue there is the content of Character window is not stretched to the available space. When I cycle through other palette tabs, sometimes it gets fixed. But it's pretty annoying.
  5. Character palette window cropped when in full-height mode. Also other palettes might be affected.
  6. It is impossible to access any of the actions in layer right-click dropdown menu. After right clicking on Group / Layer / Whatever the menu shows up for a very short time and then disappears rapidly.
  7. It would be really useful if user could scale the vector objects (incl. text) perspectively. I miss this a lot. A mesh/perspective tool could be a second step. Thanks
  8. Definitely, I think this one is a must! Thank you
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