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  1. Hi guys, As one of those guys who occasionally plan to switch to Linux and usually is stopped by lack of software, I checked this thread. To my surprise most of the arguments are based on that Linux is not used for gfx and there is no good software base for this kind of work. It is partially true (especially considering lack of good PS equivalent), if this vacuum one day is filled with another software, people will use that. This is why it should be considered more of the reason to port Affinity products to Linux - there is no competition yet - if someone needs a good gfx editing software, he will use Affinity products because there is nothing else, yet. I remember stories of how Wine (or some similar software, it was like 15 years ago, so I could forget) came to be because Disney wanted Photoshop on their Linux desks. Maybe this story is total bs but I know quite a few software houses which opted for Maya instead of 3ds Max mostly because of its Linux support. Am I one of those guys who will buy Linux version? I'm not sure. For now, I have AP on Windows and iOS and there are some things still keeping me from going away from PS. Besides - there is no "reduced" price for multiple system owners, so I would pay twice or triple - I didn't buy AP for Mac for the very same reason.
  2. Hi guys, So for a while now I've been using Affinity Photo (I have both, desktop and iPad, but I'm sticking to desktop here). There is plenty of good, speed and quality is one of the first things we all noticed. There are however some things which are not perfect in Affinity so I still have to go back to Photoshop. Please treat it as a test ground or feature request. 1. Crop to selection - I have seen some topics already requesting it. We all have a bit different workflow, in mine I use "crop to selection" a lot - for cleaning, composing and aligning images (gamedev). I tried to use Export Persona for it but it just didn't work - and even if it worked, it would just artificially lengthened my workflow. Before some of you advise copying and "New from Clipboard", read point 2. 2. "New from Clipboard" doesn't work as expected because it ignores transparent space. If I want to copy some small image surrounded by transparency (alpha channel being 0) it will crop everything. It doesn't suit precise work when you have to align images preserving alpha channel. Of course the issue can be that "New from Clipboard" work fine, but copying crops selected region to only opaque pictures, which is even worse case. 3. Lines - I remember testing AP during its beta period and someone has already mentioned this then - If we use the same psd on PS and AF we get different results when using lines of the certain width. So here we are, my first 3 cents, I know it looks small, but in fact, it keeps me from full switch,
  3. Hi Chris, Yes, I had a Nearest Neighbour set in Performance options. I have switched to Bilinear and restarted the app. I played a bit and... I still can see distortion. Moreover I have his distortion every time I restart the app (it remembers the zoom level and position which is a cool feature BTW). I can move a bit and see how the 'distortion stripes' appear and disappear. I noticed that I can get it easily if I move my canvas to the bottom-left - as far I as I can. Here is the screenshot along with my current performance options: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bv40ybtosjhescp/Screen%20Shot%202016-06-02%20at%2015.34.44.png?dl=0 (as usual, please let me know when you get the file) Maybe it is only me and there is nothing to worry about. My MacBook Pro is quite ancient (counted in computer years). If you need any details from me, let me know (but please talk to me as to 3 year old - as I mentioned OSX is something new to me). I'm not sure if there is any screen sharing but we can do this too if it helps. Thanks for such a great PS alternative!
  4. Hi Chris, Sure - It wasn't that hard to reproduce. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pobgthzzju8dxnt/Screen%20Shot%202016-06-01%20at%2021.02.37.png?dl=0 Important: Please let me know when you see (and save) my link - it is from my dropbox and I will remove it afterwards. This one is small, but there are cases where it gets more severe. I've marked some of distortions placing 'round' brush. My test machine: MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011) CPU: 2,7 GHz Intel Core i7 MEM: GB 1333 MHz DDR3 GFX: Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB So here are the steps: 1. Launch AP. 2. Create new canvas (1920x1080 in my case - it was default) 3. Do some doodling. 4. Zoom to 50%. 5. Move a bit a canvas. 6. Scroll up-down. In my case I used mouse scroll (I used the mouse from my PC, no magic). 7. Usually by that time I can see some small distortion. Scrolling by just a bit makes the distortion larger. What I can add is that distortion stays in place. If I switch to fullscreen it disappears but when I switch back it comes back, so it looks like it happens due to some layout context. If I can help more, please let me know. I'm a programmer but I'm quite new (exactly one week now) to OSX. Moving from VisualStudio to XCode was a bit like switching from Photoshop to MS Paint. I know XCode is a great tool, it just hides that fact well. PS. If by any chance you have any free licenses for testers, please let me know. I'm usually 'doodling & sketching' things during work breaks (when I'm thinking about algorithms), in this case it can be Affinity and I can report any issues as they appear. Well, good luck.
  5. Hi Sean, Cool. I even made a screenshot, though it is quite easy to reproduce so I didn't include it. Thanks
  6. Got a chance to check Affinity Photo Trial so until I run out I will bug you a bit. Using: Affinity Photo 1.4 I created 1920 x 1080 image zoomed to 50%. I scrolled a bit my image vertically (up & down) and it got distorted. It looked like at some regions (of the size of the Launchpad icons) every second column was shifted by a few pixels. When I drew on such distorted place the newly put brush also got distorted. Further scrolling 'corrected' the display so I can confirm that the drawing buffer was all right and it was purely a display problem. Hope it helps. BTW. The app is great, keep up the good work!
  7. Got a chance to check Affinity Photo Trial so until I run out I will bug you a bit. Using: Affinity Photo 1.4 When I have large brush (like selection brush) I see round shape indicating its region. This is a good thing. However when I want to scroll the canvas a bit and I move pointer over the scrollbar it is still a round shape, not a pointer (arrow or anything) and it is very hard to aim at it. Also it confused me quite a bit - I didn't know if when I click I will scroll the image or use the brush on image.
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