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  1. That's helpful. Thanks Best to play with it and watch what the results are.
  2. Here's where I'm at with this: Seems that you create a cell layout in the left box by adding rows and columns, then create cell formats in the middle list, then apply the cell formats to the cells in the left layout. Never the less, it is confusing.
  3. I'm trying to create a table format with alternating row color, but I can't figure out how to do so in the edit dialog box. Can it be done there? How?
  4. Thanks. That is what I'm doing now. I do hope when the final is released that there's info about this setup.
  5. This is a mystery to me. Is there any info about how it works? I find nothing in the help yet.
  6. I set it up with a mouse click. Long story of what I'm doing with the macro, but I have it working!
  7. Is there a keyboard shortcut to make the Layers Panel active? I want to make a macro to take action in the layers panel and I need to make it active to do so. I can probably set up a mouse click, but a keyboard shortcut is preferred.
  8. I think it would be faster if I could right click and go all the way with setting a hyperlink to an existing anchor. Have the menu include all the options in the hyperlink properties dialog box.
  9. Thanks Old Bruce. I have seen a lot of those issues as well. Good to know the bug is confirmed.
  10. This seems to be a problem with some other studio panels too. I did reset my studio both form inside the app and by control opening the app. That changed nothing. I can't say how I fixed it, but I did after some fiddling with combining panels and separating panels.
  11. I need to be able to insert anchors on objects so I can insert hyperlinks to point to those anchored objects. I see no way to do that so far.
  12. I did a test and I think my conclusion about how AFPub works (or more likely how AFPhoto works) is true. I placed two version of the same photo on my page. One is small and one is large, both have different resolutions. I applied my Layer FX style which was saved as 30px rad. blur and 70% opacity to both images. The results indicate that the layer effect is being adjusted so the end results look similar with images at different sizes and resolutions. The opacity stays the same always at 70%, but the blur radius changes. In this case the small image results in a 3.7 px rad. blur, and the large image results in a 28.3 px rad. blur. After preforming this test and getting a better understanding of how this works, I now believe AFPub is managing this correctly. I have attached the test file. FX Test.afpub
  13. Nope. The first is the original, the second is the pasted FX. There's no consistency for what the radius figure will be wether pasted or applied as a style. It's usually close like within 20. I think AFPub is trying to match a blur based on object size that the FX is applied to. Applied to a smaller image and the radius is smaller, although I cannot say this is true consistently.
  14. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but when I copy a FX and then do a Paste FX command, I think the pasted FX should have the same values as what I copied. I have the FX set to blur 30%, opacity 70%. Creating a style seems to be more consistent, but it's also numerically off each time its applied.
  15. It is odd that text with URL hyperlinks added on a master page populate to the document pages, but objects with URL hyperlinks attached do not until you reapply the master to the page, and then there is a duplication in the hyperlinks list. I think this goes back two beta versions ago to when hyperlinks on picture frames on master pages did not work at all.
  16. It appears we all are in agreement that we could use a visual indicator in our AFPub project files for any object or text that has a hyperlink attached. Here's something I have encountered already. Just because this text is blue and underlined (that style can be added using the built-in Hyperlink Style in the Character dropdown or panel), does not mean it has a properly attached hyperlink, and I would know that if I could see an indicator in the project file.
  17. I realize the greater issue is readers viewing my plans on tablets and smartphones (no mouse). So for that reason I am redoing my hyperlinks to be blue and underlined where ever I can. I still have no intention of adding blue around my logos.
  18. Pman, Thanks for the compliment. I am SO glad Affinity added hyperlinks. It will make my marketing of my plans much easier since "materials source partners" will see I can link directly to their websites. I am setting my hyperlinks that are on all pages on my Master Pages, and that is working great. It saves a lot of work, and making changes is then easy, but the actual number of hyperlinks is counted as a whole in the document. If there's one hyperlink on a single master page, and 10 pages in the project that have that master page applied, then there are 11 hyperlinks in the project. At least that is what happens when I apply my master pages with hyperlinks to my project pages. I do have two master pages. One is called "Cover," the other is called "Body."
  19. I figured it out, but it is a bit goofy. First I edited the font color and underlining in the TOC: Heading 1 Number. That made the entire TOC blue and underlined. Then I Updated the TOC and the "Topic" headers returned to black and not underlined.
  20. I see I can make all the text in the TOC blue and underlined, but is there a way to make only the page numbers blue and underlined? The page numbers now automatically have hyperlinks (Nice!).
  21. I understand what you are saying about how does a reader know there's a link in the PDF, but here's my page, I have a link on the logo on the first page, and one the small logo and one on the ThriftyCabinets.com on the second page. On neither of those do I want them blue and undefined. These links were placed using AFPub's Text/Interactive/Add Hyperlink command. Irrelevant if what I'm doing is seen as correct or not, I cannot easily tell these links are on my pages in the app, and that is what I need.
  22. Everyone is assuming my text is blue and underlined, it is not. And none of these solutions addresses a URL hyperlink added to an object. Dear Affinity, in the AFPub project window please add a visual indicator to any text or object that has a URL hyperlink attached.
  23. I can see that as this list grows, its usefulness becomes less valuable since there will be URLs in the list that are not ever needed again.
  24. Is there a way to clear one or all of the previously used links in the list?
  25. I mean So is there a way to show in my AFPub file what object and text on the page has my hyperlinks attached?
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