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  1. Richard_Mac

    Crash after copy-paste

    Happening to me too...can't copy text from Publisher into Word without Publisher crashing in the background. A bit frustrating!
  2. Richard_Mac

    V. Crashing when trying to print.

    Hi Jon. I'm using El Capitan 10.11.6...I should probably update! My printer is an Epson 1500...should probably update that too!!
  3. Richard_Mac

    V. Crashing when trying to print.

    Thanks Jon. I been out for a couple of hours but have just returned and tried to print the file again. Low and behold, this time the print window dialogue box showed the pages loading all the way to the end and then the programme crashed. I just reopened the file, selected 'print' and the programme crashed straight away. As mentioned earlier, a newly created file prints okay and so perhaps it's just this file? Many thanks, Richard
  4. Richard_Mac

    V. Crashing when trying to print.

    Hi Jon. If I upload the file, is it only you that has access? Thanks, Richard
  5. Hi. I have just launched v. for the first time so that I can print a document created in the previous version. The document is 412.3MB and 23 pages long. When I try to sent it to print to my Epson, Publisher crashes. I have tried repeated occasions with no success! I have created a new file and have managed to print it without any problems. I would be grateful for any advice please. Thanks Richard
  6. Richard_Mac

    Navigation of Pages

    Here we go Pauls. R Test File.afpub
  7. Richard_Mac

    Navigation of Pages

    Hi. I have an issue with navigating the thumbnail pages. If I have a document with say 15 pages and I scroll down and click on page 14 in the pages pane, the page thumbnails jump back to the beginning and show page 1. This happens with my old and new files and on my older and newer Macs running different operation systems. Are there any settings I should adjust or is this a glitch? Thanks.